Friday, September 13, 2013

Blog Banter 49 - Am I Space Rich?

Double post today as it is Blog Banter Day! Friday Fiction was posted a couple of hours ago.


Welcome to my entry for the EVE Blog Banters 49th edition! For more details about what the blog banters are, visit the Blog Banter page.

So Kirith has posed this question for the 49th Blog Banter:-

"What is "rich" in EVE? Is it simply having more ISK than most everyone else, is it measured in raw numbers of some other ethereal quality? Can you actually be poor? Have you ever lost nearly everything and had to claw your way back? If you are rich, how do you know and how did you get rich?"


I'm a PvP'r, I'm never going to be rich. Or am I? Isn't it a bit of a subjective term?

What is rich to a high-sec miner who plays a couple of hours a week only is a pittance to an industrial who has been playing 10 years, has a dozen alts and who spends hours each day making money.

Currently in liquid assets I have about 5bn ISK spread over my accounts. I am pretty sure some people I know would call that space-rich. Pretty sure others would laugh at the puny amount and ask if I needed a few ISK to feed and clothe the space-kids as I must be on the poverty line! My cash reserves go something like this over a six month period:-

Slightly less rich, 
A lot of money, 
Some money, 
OMG I'm going to be flying an Ibis soon, 
Slightly less rich...........

Basically I buy PLEX and sell that on the open market in Jita. 12 Plex nets me around 6bn ISK. Obviously things have not always been like that. Its only the last couple of years where I have been able to do this. If was a very different story when I first started. The Blog Banter question asked "Have you ever lost nearly everything and had to claw your way back?". Well nearly. I guess I had been playing for six months and was helping out with DPS in the level 4 mission "Worlds Collide". My brand new Raven got tackled by the rats and I got agro. My low-SP character had forgot the number one rule of Eve, don't fly what you can't afford to lose. I lost it. Thankfully some kind corpies sorted the noob out with a replacement, but if I had still been in an NPC corp, that would have been a massive blow. It wasn't anything special, certainly wasn't like this pimped out Raven. Seriously? How many level 4 missions would you have to run just to break even?

Even before that loss, I recall having to wait to upgrade to a better ship as I couldn't afford it. I was desperately saving up for the skill books that I couldn't afford! Yes, it is no fun to be space-poor in Eve Online. And you are space poor when a Caracal is an expensive ship. However, the opportunities are all around. With time and patience you can get space rich.

Anyway, these days I sell PLEX. Where does all that go? Well on things to pew-pew of course. I have assets spread out all over New Eden. Looking in my home base, my hanger has everything divided into cans:-

Ship Hanger - 10,861,000,000
My expensive ships in there include my Moros, Archon, Chimera and Vindicator.

Ammo Can - 399,000,000
This is all things in the charge group that don't fly. So projectile, hybrid and cap booster charges.

Missiles - 169,000,000
'Boomy' things that fly. This can houses missiles, bombs and probes.

Modules - 2,209,000,000
If it goes in a high, middle or low slot, it is stored here.

Drones and Scripts - 503,000,000
Don't know why I chose these two groups to share, I suppose there aren't hundreds of different types so they can go together. This can does contain fighters.

Rigs - 357,000,000
As it says on the tin!

Fuel - 19,400,000
Liquid Ozone, Stront and carrier fuel.

Faction - 1,345,000,000
Basically faction modules or implants that I want to keep separate so I don't drunkenly fit them onto a Kestrel!

Loot and Salvage -73,000,000
Crap from NPC drops and occasional bits of salvage corpies have given me if I was the one who lost a ship in an engagement.

Boosters - 70,000,000
Damn, I'm out of blue pills too!!!!

So all in, I have around 16bn assets and 5bn in cash making me worth about 20bn. Not bad for a PvP'r who doesn't ransom, but I'm sure nowhere near some of our big industrialists in game! And yes.... I suppose I 'cheat'!


  1. Since I don't blog, I'm worth about 59B.

    It's broken down by the following:
    Liquid Isk: 6B
    Assets: 39B
    BPOs: 10B
    Outstanding Sell Orders: 4B

    As far as the assets go, 19B of my assets are pvp-related, 13B is FW LP items to be sold in Jita, 6B Anshar, and another 1B of random carebear assets. My expensive pvp ships are: Moros, Moros, Nidhoggur, and Archon. I also have about 3B of modules, rigs, ammo/drones. The rest is smaller pvp ships.

    I'm also sitting on about 4M FW LP, which could be worth another 8B or so.

    It's rich enough to do what I want in the game. There are others that are much better off, but at this point I'm doing the bare minimum to make enough isk to keep me flying ships.

  2. "And yes.... I suppose I 'cheat'!"

    You're only cheating if you are somehow manipulating the game client to gain an unfair advantage. So unless you're spawning in PLEX, I'm pretty sure it's a valid revenue source. :)