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Assassin - The First Mission

Fiction Friday! You're escape pod is here if you are not into Eve Fiction and want to know if the Eagle is any good now following the HAC and medium rails balance.

Wait, there is another escape pod too! I had been reading Cussler, hence the last few Friday Fictions were 'action-adventure'. Now I'm reading a Laymon. If you know these authors then you know what is coming. Horrific violence, peril and a hot heroine with bow-chicka-wow-wow themed fiction. If you prefer your Eve fiction without these try here at Emergent Patroller.

Now onto the first of a three parter. You really need to have read the Jacked three-parter to fully understand this one. You know how that one finished, with the captains daughter ending up at that 'special school'.......

Assassin - The First Mission

The station's transit system slowed at the stop for the plaza. The woman hung back letting a family off the car first. She slipped through the doors as they started to close, her stiletto heels making a distinct sound on the polished metal floor. The air this high up in the station was crisp and clean. The plaza was lined on one side with expensive shops, bars and restaurants. The other was an clear dome giving amazing views of outer space and the planet below. She checked the time as she wandered over to the central fountain. Ten minutes early. Two men walked past in business suits, both looked her up and down and shared some private joke. Probably Caldari bankers she thought, she'd seen enough of them to know the type.

The fountain in the centre of the plaza shot jets of cool clear water into the air. The woman shook her head slightly at the excess. On a space-station where 98% of people had to make do with sonic-showers, here was pure water being used as a display for the rich and the powerful.

A slight drone caught her attention. She looked over he shoulder and saw a small cleaning truck making its way around the plaza sweeping up. She paid it no further heed. Five minutes to go. The click of heels from behind made her turn around.

A woman was approaching her. She, like herself, was Matari. Slightly dark skin with black hair that cascaded down her shoulders. The jacket was expensive and the skirt was short. The woman looked on with slight envy. The approaching woman was younger, better looking and better dressed than her. She hoped it was not a rival agency.

"Hello" said the younger woman.

"Hi. Can I help you?"

"Yes I have a message for you from Suki." replied the girl as she reached into her handbag, the woman didn't really hear the hum of the approaching cleaning truck. "But not here." and she motioned to a side street and they walked together.

"So what is the message and why couldn't our boss have called direct?" the woman asked in irritation as they reached the corner.

"Actually the message is from me. If you could just pass out that would be great." the girl replied as she drew a cigarette and placed it in her mouth.

"What are you....." the woman never finished her question as the other girl blew hard and a small dart flew out from the tip of the fake cigarette and hit her on the neck. The woman's hand flew up and clutched the tiny dart. Her face was visage of shock and horror. Just before she fell the cleaning truck moved along side and she was discretely pulled into the open side door of the small vehicle. The door slammed shut and it went about completing the sweep of the plaza. The take down was perfect, nobody could have seen what had happened.

The younger woman walked across the plaza into the lobby of the hotel, past the reception and straight into the lift.


In the operations centre of the Loki strategic cruiser, which was cloaked 300 kilometres off the station, three men sat around a bank of monitors. A forth approached causing the three to stand and snap to attention.

"At ease. How is she doing?"

"Good sir." replied one of the men. "The booked escort is down and our men are administering a drug to her so she forgets all about tonight. She'll wake up in her quarters with a killer hangover, a bad head ache and twice the arranged fee in cash in her handbag. She'll think she got wasted with the Client and forgot. Its doubtful she'll tell anyone, a high-class agency like that would drop her for getting drunk on the job."

"Excellent" replied the officer "We want to ensure no Matari are harmed by our actions here tonight. What about our girl?"

"Just exiting the lift sir. She'd about to meet his security."


The younger woman stepped out of the lift. The penthouse suite had its own reception room and two men sat in large chairs either side of the door into the suite proper. They rose as the woman approached.

"Please stop there miss." one commanded and approached her with a detection wand. He slowly traced it around her whilst his colleague searched her bag. Once he had swept her with the wand he motioned for her to spread her arms.

"Seriously? After that you want to frisk me too?" she complained.

"Sorry miss. Orders."

With that he started at her shoulders and worked down, spending far too long on her breasts. When he got to her waist he stopped and dropped to one knee and started at her ankles. He spent his time running his hands up her legs and under the hem of her skirt. When he reached her stocking tops his fingers searched around, teasing the exposed flesh above the lace.

"Any more and I'll be charging you." she snapped. The man just smiled as his hands continued upwards.

"Or I'll just tell your boss how I was assaulted here." she continued sounding disinterested. The hands vanished and the man rose passing her handbag to her. She nodded and he opened the door for her.

Inside the room was opulent. Art adorned the walls and expensive rugs covered the floor. The bed was a old wooden four poster and littered with decorative pillows.

In the centre of the room a small dining table had been set up. An Amarrian in a suit sat eating his dinner.

"Please, join me!" he said as the woman entered. She walked over and sat down opposite him.

"I am Alikar. What is your name?"

"I am Ingrid" she replied with her sweetest smile.

"Of course you are." the Amarrian smirked.

They ate and engaged in small talk. The Amarrian said he was a trade ambassador over for talks with the Caldari. The woman called Ingrid knew this was a lie but she kept up the pretence and nodded and smile as he boringly droned on. Thankfully the food was exquisite and the wine expensive. The pill she had taken an hour earlier was working, absorbing the alcohol and keeping her head clear.

As they finished there meal he looked at her with hungry eyes.

"Well my dear, at some point tonight I need to get some sleep ready for the trade talks in the morning." he leered "I think we should get things started and..." he stopped dead and smiled as he felt a stocking-clad foot brush his thighs.

"Excellent. We have a connection, you read my mind." he smiled as the foot worked higher.

"I was hoping for a little roleplay." he continued as the foot massaged his hardness.

"What did you have in mind?" the woman purred.

The Amarrian rose and walked over to her. He extended his hand which she took and he pulled her to her feet.

"Well I was thinking how about the Amarrian and the fracking slut slave." and with that he backhanded her hard across the face, knocking her to the ground.

Before she could respond he matched over to where she had fallen and grabbed her by the hair. He yanked her up to her feet and spat in her shocked face before punching her in the stomach. She fell to the ground gasping for breath. He stood over her grinning.

"You stupid bitch. Do you think you Matari are anything but animals, animals to serve the glorious Amarrian Empire. After I am finished with you tonight, you'll be begging me to ship you to a slave plantation as you'll not be working in this industry again!" He then swiftly kicked her in the stomach before bending down and punching her in the face again.


Back on the ship the four men watching the monitors winced.

"He actually gets off on this?" one asked.

"Yes. Happens every time he come to the Caldari State apparently. Orders a high-class escort, specifies must be pure Matari, and then kicks the shit out of her. Its his thing. Most agencies won't touch him now, but he pays well, there is always some scum-bag pimp who will take the money and give him a girl."

"And Inga volunteered for this knowing what was going to happen?"

"Absolutely. We showed her pictures of his previous victims we had sourced from hacking the police and med-units here. She knew what to expect and wanted this bad. In fact she was the one who insisted on this plan. It was her idea to let him work her over for a bit so there would be a motive and evidence on camera."

The men looked at the monitor showing the feed from the hidden camera in the room. There was a gasp from the watching men as she tried to get up but the Amarrian kicked her in the face sending her sprawling on her back.

"Frack this, we need to get her out of there! This is not right!" the officer commanded.

"Wait sir, look at her left hand. We arranged signals for this. See she is making a loose OK sign still. She wants to continue."

The commander pursed his lips and continued watching the scene unfold. The Amarrian had now dragged her by the hair to the bed and was ripping her clothes off between slapping and punching her.

"Frack is she alright? She looks out of it!"

One man pointed to the other monitor. "Look at her vitals, steady as a rock. She's fine. She knows how to roll with this."


Inga lay on the bed looking battered and bruised. She was stripped and bleeding. The Amarrian towered over her with a thick leather belt doubled over in his hand. He whipped it menacingly into the palm of his hand making a loud slapping noise.

"Now animal, to properly warm you up before I have you."

The Amarrian raised his arm and brought the belt rushing down on the prone and defenceless woman. She moved at lightning speed, grabbing the belt and using it to pull the ambassador onto the bed. In a blink of an eye she was on top of him whilst he was face down with the belt tight around his neck. He struggled but it was useless. He tried to shout for help but only a croak left his lips as the belt pulled tight.

"So here is how it ends Colonel." she hissed in his ear. His eyes went wide in terror, not only from the choking predicament he found himself now in, but that she knew who he was.

Keeping one hand on the belt she used the other to remove an ear ring. She squeezed it and a small needle popped out. She stuck it into the side of the Amarrians neck away from the cameras.

"Did you feel that? My orders were simple, take the beating so we have video of it and then simply kill you. But I thought that was too kind to you. How many Matari have you beaten like this? How many women's lives have your ruined? No, simply strangling you to death was too good. That prick you felt. Well that was Matari Fire-Ice."

The Amarrian bucked and struggled even more in terror. However, Inga had him secure and the belt whilst not killing him, was making it impossible for him to get free or call for help. He felt a tinge of burning as the drug started its assault on his central nervous system. His pupils went up into his skull and his eyes turned white as the most incredible pain he had ever experienced racked his body. He felt like he was being suspended over a roaring fire. His mouth twisted in a silent scream as the belt pulled against his neck.


State Naval Intelligence Officer Sanaka was sat at his desk when one of his officers entered.

"Sir. We have a problem with Alikar sir."

Sanaka rubbed his temples. That pervert Amarrian always caused trouble. He was a high ranking Colonel with the 24th Imperial Crusade and came for joint briefings once a month under the pretence of a Amarrian trade ambassador. The fact he liked beating Matari hookers half to death on each visit made for a major headache.

"Pay the victim off and inform the police to bury the file. Same as always." he sighed without really looking up.

"Sir, its bad."

"He didn't kill one did he?" Sanaka sounded worried.

"No sir, its worse, the hooker killed him".


"ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FRACKING MIND?" the officer yelled. Inga was sat in the debriefing room with a slight smile on her face.

Her face was bruised and the tight vest top she wore revealed her shoulders and arms which were covered in welts, bite marks, bruises and cuts. Even with her recent beating and the verbal dressing down she was getting from her commanding officer, she still smiled.

"It was supposed to be a simple in and out. It went textbook to start with. And you had to put the entire operation at risk by using military-grade Fire-Ice. Tell me agent, which empires use that specific nerve toxin?"

Inga didn't answer, she just sat there.


Again, more silence. The officer sat down. His rage subsiding. He continued the dressing-down, but he was getting tired.

Behind the large one-way mirror two senior officers stood in a small room looking on at the debriefing.

"It was a close one. She is a loose cannon." stated one.

"But you saw her scores from the facility. She's off the charts. So she might have a burning hatred for the Amarr. I say let her use it. I sort of agree with her, that bastard deserved a nasty death. First mission sucess I say."

The other officer nodded slightly in agreement "I guess you are right".

Back in the debriefing room Igna's superior officer sighed out loud.

"Its pure luck they didn't run a tox-screen. The video they found was enough for them to take strangulation as cause of death. Have you anything to say for yourself?"

Finally Inga spoke.

"Yes. Who is the next target?"

To be continued.....

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