Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Shooting Newbies

A concerted push by the Gallente last week rose our warzone control tier to level three (apparently we hit tier 4 for a while) and pushed the squids down to tier one. It wasn't all our effort though. The squids had been riding high for some time and I would expect that after a few months of farming at high tier levels that their LP price has crashed due to oversupply.

It had an interesting effect on the squids. Someone turned them off!

Suddenly the number of targets dropped dramatically. I started roaming further out from my normal hunting grounds, but even 'squid strongholds' where they usually outnumbered us were totally blue. No targets and lots of friendly Gallente militia. After a few days I realised I had a problem, nobody to shoot. A combination of the Gallente push and the likely drop in Caldari LP value meant it went all quiet. There were a few persistent farmers roaming around and the occasional squid that was looking for a fight, but generally, it was far too quiet.

It was then I decided to move over to Barleguet for a short road trip. The home of the Brave Newbies. A few of my fellow corpies had been over there a while after hearing tales from friends that there was always fighting to be had if you were OK about being outnumbered. They were right, there were always a minium of 50 BNI palyers in that system and usually an average of a couple of hundred.

It is interesting fighting that outnumbered. I roamed, I blapped, I camped gates. I lost a ship or two. But was it 'fun'?

I think it was Friday or Saturday morning I woke early. I would guess Friday morning as I met the guys down the pub early afternoon on the Thursday so was probably asleep early the night before! The American contingent were still on and we were playing with BNI. The BNI pilots were hugging their home station so we were undocking from another station in Cockbag Thrashers, warping to 10 off the undock, blapping a couple of targets and then warping off. They had mostly cruisers but it was working as we were "insta-ing" the small ships and the fast tackle and then warping away before the cruisers started to blap us. It was a Eve Online 'drive by'.

Every so often they'd reposition to try and catch us and we'd bounce to a planet and come in from a different direction. When they docked up, we camped the gates and killed a variety of frigates and some cruisers in our destroyers. We didn't lose much, we killed a lot. And I feel a bit bad. They were combat ships we were fighting, mostly, but we were rarely pointed and able to warp out when the numbers against us were too high.

In the end I stayed a few days and then headed back to Black Rise. It was good for the killboard but not what I would call fun. My first day back in Nisuwa I had a 1v1 between my Kestrel and a Federation Navy Comet. That was fun. We had a 3 v 4 with my Kestrel and two faction frigs verses four squids who had three faction frigates and one T1 frigate. That was bloody good fun. Barleguet may have been a.......

...... but I didn't feel good about it.

But there was one good thing in Barleguet. We have on our forums a thread entitled 'Rage'. This is where we post the insults, tears and general rage directed at us for all to have a good laugh at. Line after line of copied and pasted local and Eve-Mail text is held there for the enjoyment for all the QCats membership. Caldari farmers of a certain massive country usually provide the best content for that thread. Our attempts to PvP those particular farmers lead to the shedding of many local tears, insults and the use of Google Translate!

However, there was none of that from the BNI. Some Reddit threads were linked in there highlighting that certain QCats need to die, but in a game sense. There was no "chatgris is a ******** ****!". It was more "That damn chatgris keeps camping this gate, how do we kill him?". The marital status of our parents was never raised. There was banter in local from BNI, but it was light-hearted and in many cases, humorous. I didn't see any real tears or nasty insults. Bouncing asteroid belts I warped into a trio of BNI mining in Ventures that quickly disbursed. All I got was a "Drackarn! We're trying to violence rocks here!" or similar. A nice change to the abuse I usually recieve when I chase a faction war LP farmer!

Anyway I came, I saw, I PvP'd and I left after three days. I have no plans to return there. It was interesting to fight the Brave Newbies and as I have donated a fair chunk of ISK to The Angel Project I don't feel too bad. I gave money to Sindel, she gave ships to BNI, I blew some of those ships up. So my really weak justification of a long weekend killing a few BNI is that I've probably given more than I've taken in 2013.

It's very weak, but its all I have in excuse of shooting a good bunch of guys.

Sorry :(

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  1. I find the change from the usual puerile verbal abuse amazingly refreshing.

    We bounced into a protracted fight with a different set of folks, and the language was fun, above board, light hearted, and clever.

    What a disappointment to return to our normal areas to find the tired, juvenile, and frankly pathetic name calling and general stupidity.

    We seem to become immune, or indifferent to it, when it is day in and day out. When you see what it could be, its like the sun has come out after a month of wet November days.