Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Burn Jita 3 and an Eve Online Quiz Game

Burn Jita 2014

So Burn Jita 3 is happening this weekend. It was officially announced on the Mittani.com this morning ending speculation even though everyone pretty much knew it was going to be the weekend before Fanfest. So be careful out there readers! Then again, if you read Eve blogs like this one, you'll know about this and will not be flying any high-value ships around Jita or the surrounding systems will you?

Of course there will be lots and lots of carebears who never go beyond the Client, that will pilot their freighters laden with stuffz straight into the Goons. If you are a forum go'er, ready your waterproof clothing. Tears be incoming!!!

So You Think You Are An Eve Expert?

On Twitter last night a lot of people were talking about a smartphone app called QuizUp. It is basically an online quiz you play 1v1 against others. I installed it on my phone, went to the "Games" category and there is the one for Eve Online. I thought I'd give it a try.

All questions are against the clock and are multiple choice with four possible answers. The maximum points you can get is 20 per question and this is reduced for every second you hesitate (you have 10 seconds to answer). So even if you get every question right, if you opponent is quicker, you can still lose. Oh, and you can brag about it on line....

The questions are a real mix. They range from "What ship is this?" along with a picture of a ship to more tongue in cheek ones about captains quarters, monocles and what sound does the space police make? Then there are really difficult lore based ones such as on Matari tribal tattoos, famous (infamous) NPC's and even how many windows are there on a Magnet frigate!

Against many opponents I've been able to guess what they are in-game from their right and wrong answers. Hi-sec carebears know little of supercapitals and sov mechanics, and null-bears know little about hi-sec missioning and mining. Of course there is plenty of lore in there from questions about the Eve Gate to the Jove and faction symbols.

My big problem for me personally are the questions on Amarrian ships, I know them the least.

If Eve is crack, this is "Brown"!

After twenty 'Just one last game....' last night I went to bed late having won, lost and drawn!

Its a great laugh, try it now!

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