Friday, April 11, 2014

The New Neighbours?

Fiction Friday! Escape pod here.

So our alliance forum has a thread about rumours that a certain pirate alliance could be moving in close to us. I've seen some things that make me believe it might be true....

(This is nothing like what our forum thread is. The TL;DR of our thread is a bit like - "These guys might be moving close. Oh cool! Fights!". This is a, what do they call it, a dramatisation.)

The New Neighbours?

The lights in the conference room were dimmed. A holographic projection was showing statistical data for the assembled directors seated around the table. Some had already seen enough and were contemplating their significance whilst staring out of the large window that overlooked the planet below.

The solar system of Nisuwa was nestled in between the Empires of the Caldari State and Gallente Federation. It was contested low-security space far away from the hustle and bustle of their core-worlds. The bright nebula's that engulfed those respective empires were much smaller when viewed from so many light years away.

The station itself was Caldari in origin. Hard, straight lines and a dull blue-grey colour. It had been a logistical support station for the State Protectorate until the Gallente Militia had captured it several years ago. Having a Caldari station under Gallente occupancy so near to their high-sec border had been a constant irritation for the State. The fact it was supposed to be supporting their own militia made it so much worse.

"So their last months kill logs showed how many?" asked one of the directors.

"Just under 2600 starships killed for 1350 losses. 66.3% efficiency. They do like a fight!" replied another who was tapping away at a datapad.

"And how do ours compare?"

"Just under 3000 kills for 524 loses. Efficiency is coming out at 83.31%. Strange, given our 10% rule you'd think it would be lower."

The '10%' rule was the guide given to their pilots. If they thought there was a better than 10% chance of winning a fight they should go for it. With immortal pilots there were re-cloned on death, the odds meant nothing in the long run as long as they were replacement ships. And capsuleers always had replacement ships.

"How good is this intel? Are we sure they are heading to Tama?"

"Nothing confirmed, its just rumours. However, their CEO was spotted here in Nisuwa a couple of days ago so that is a good indication the intel is right. He was only passing through. However, the logs show he did greet Drack on the local channel."

The other directors turned their attention to Drackarn who shrugged nonchalantly.

"I've know the guy for years. So what?"

"So what? We've got a large, and more than likely hostile, pirate alliance potentially moving in two systems away for us and their CEO is 'pally' with one of our own directors? And you say 'so what'?"

Drackarn pulled out his own datapad and the hologram above the table changed. It brought up a map of the contested space between the Gallente and Caldari Empires. The star systems started to turn colour. Blues and greens appearing all over the map.

"We are winning. The Squids are on the run and CONCORD has the official status of the Gallente Militia at tier three whilst the Squids are at tier 1 warzone control. Now look back at what we were just discussing. 3000 kills in a month for the 'cats, that is low for us. Five months ago we were hitting four to five thousand kills in a month. Its been dropping off for most of this year as the Caldari retreat back to high-sec. BORG swapping sides and Shadows of the Federation coming back to the warzone have made significant impacts in the dynamics of the combat arena and we are seeing less and less war targets. We might be winning the war, but our pilots are getting bored in the process."

There were murmurs of agreement around the table. Drackarn stood and started walking around the conference table addressing the other directors.

"I've been suffering myself as I am sure you all have. My solo patrols around the pipes have been quiet so I headed north for a bit and sat in Tama for a while the other day. We are concerned about them staging two jumps from us? I was in that system at the weekend. Solo, the only Gallente militia in system, and I ran four plex without a fight. I HATE running complex. I went there looking for a fight and sitting inside a plex is a good way to make sure you don't get blobbed there. But the half a dozen squids and same number of pirates in system never once came for me. I was only in a fracking Kestrel. I scanned various ships landing on the acceleration gate but nobody would enter they just warped off. They are only bothered about swarming you at the top belt. To me, them moving in, if it is true, is great news. We're going to get some good fights finally!"

"And what would you do if their overly-friendly CEO enters your plex Drack?" asked one of the directors.

Drack walked to the window and stared out into space.

"You really need to ask that question?"

"I think we need to hear the response."

"I will try my damnedest to destroy his ship, take out his pod and then scoop any loot and drones that he left. Oh, and I'll scoop his still spinning frozen corpse of course. Then as soon as he's out of the CRU on the station we'll chat like old mates and tell each other 'good fight'. Who knows, it might be on for round two straight away!"

The room fell silent for several seconds.

"So you think this is a good thing?"

"If the rumours are true, if they are moving to Tama, this is a great thing for us. We're not out here in deep space to make money, we are not bothered about galactic politics, I wonder how many of us are really here for the good of the Federation. We are here for the thrill of the fight. These guys will fight us, they will fight the Caldari, they will fight the local pirates. This could be epic!"

The CEO stood signalising the meeting was over.

"OK then. Let everyone know that we are expecting a potential major increase in combat operations in the surrounding systems. We need to know the minute they start moving in. Tell our pilots to keep their eyes open."

Drackarn laughed and all attention turned to him again.

"Sorry. But shouldn't we just ask our pilots to stay frosty for Stay Frosty?"


  1. Awesome! This is why we moved in a nutshell. Just so your guys can breath a little easier, just know it may take a few weeks for us to fully deploy the entire kit and kaboodle. We are all looking forward to it.

  2. Awesome story :)


  3. Millita pilots that stay and fight...this will be fun :)