Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fanfest - Monument Unveiling

I left the hotel, grabbed a hotdog, walked towards the CCP offices and narrowly got missed by a speeding Punkturis on a pedal cycle!

Scene was a bit different to this morning with the monument now covered.

Soon the fans started to arrive and I got to say hi to General Stargazer, Druur Monakh, Baghi, Sindell and a bloke with a 3d printed Chimera!

The bubbly for the toast was prepared whilst some loony, assuming from CCP, used the tower crane at the adjacent building-site to get a decent picture of the crowd!

We had speeches from Hilmar, the artist and the mayor who was the one with the big knife who cut the string holding the cloth on the monument.


Great little event, well done CCP!

You can find your characters position on the monument here -

Righto! Two hours until the #tweetfleet meet and then tomorrow the real geeky stuff starts!

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