Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Thats Right, I'm in ICELAND! - The Eve Monument

Woke up refreshed and had a nice breakfast. Nothing to do so thought I'd wander down to see the CCP offices for the first time. Its bloody cold in Reykjavik compared to home! So here is where the magic is made! CCP HQ!

And next door is, of course, the Eve Online Monument. I went over, armed with my list of names people had asked me to photograph. I was even offered a fit Vindicator by one corpy! Ah there it is....

So where are the names? On one of the sticky up bits? Nope? Why are people looking at those plain grey tiles on the base...... WHAT IN DIVINITIES EDGE???????????????

No obvious order, just all the names. Hundreds of thousands of them, very small. Yeah not going to find mine or anyone else's on there. Had a good chat with other players there, met General Stargazer from the #tweetfleet.

Then we get shouted at by CCP Manifest for being 7 hours early. I'm 99.999% sure he was taking the piss. Some others did think he might have been serious. Nah, not our Ned :o)

Around town Eve is everywhere.

More later with the Monument 'unveiling' at 17:00 and the #tweetfleet meet at 20:00.

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