Sunday, April 27, 2014

SCASSSS - Fanfest Itinerary.

Friday's and today's posts were all pre-written and scheduled to auto-post. I'm back in the UK as you read this visiting my family and friends. On Tuesday I'm flying over to Iceland to enjoy Fanfest. After Fanfest I'm back in the UK at the wife's parents before flying back to the Middle East. Therefore posts these next two week are going to be all over the bloody place.

Expect daily posts, if not twice a day, whilst I'm at Fanfest but slightly reduced posts the rest of the time until I'm back in the real sandbox!

I'll be back to normal from Sunday 11th May. Hopefully with a renewed Eve Online Mojo after fanfest!

Here's why....

Wednesday Night - 
TweetFleet Meet at the Celtic Cross.

Thursday -
12:00 - Eve Tech Art
13:00 - Eve Community Pannel
14:00 - Ship and Module Balancing
15:00 - Concept Art Live Session
16:00 - Lowsec and Crimewatch
17:00 - Fanfest Welcome and EVE : Valkyrie Keynote

20:00 - Sindell's Not-a-Charity-Dinner

Friday -
11:00 - UK Roundtable (OK so I don't live in the UK but I am British!)
12:00 - Eve UI
13:00 - DUST 514 Keynote (simply as there is nothing else)
14:00 - Fleet Warfare
15:00 - Intelligence Tools
16:00 - Factional Warfare (noooooooo Eve Lore is same slot!)
17:00 - Eve Keynote

21:00 - Pub Crawl Without a Dev

Saturday -
10:00 - Eve Movie Morning (well IF I wake up)
12:00 - Making Eve Valkyrie a Full Game
13:00 - Eve Vision
14:00 - Industry Panel (Only because this could be entertaining to watch)
15:00 - Deploying Pluggable Space Things
16:00 - Ship and Module Balancing 2
17:00 - CCP Presents!

20:00 - Party on Top of the World

Sunday -
Blue Lagoon

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