Sunday, April 13, 2014

SCASSSS - The Shakes

The last week I was sat in a plex in my Kestrel awaiting for someone to come at me. I'd been on a losing streak with the "solo ships" I was finding in faction war plex turning out to be not as solo as I thought. From cloaked destroyers laying in wait next to their frigate friend to bait tanked ships with mates nearby, I was getting ganked right, left and centre. 

So rather than Leeroying into tarps I was waiting for bro's to come at me.

Eventually I got an Imperial Navy Slicer on short scan. Decision time! As I was in the Armour Kestrel so decided to go for it. The trick is to snag the Slicer before it gets range. If it gets range then I am dead. I pre-overheated my scram and both my webs, turned on the AB and waited. A few seconds later he landed. I locked up, activated ALL THE THINGS, and burnt for him. He'd activated his MWD and was making range quick. Whilst my scram shut off the MWD he'd got the initial velocity boost and was coasting probably spamming the MWD hoping to get range. 6km, 8km, 10km, 11km. This was it, if I didn't gain on him in the next few seconds he'd be outside my overheated scram and web range and he'd burn off and kill me. 10km, 9km, yes I was gaining!

I quickly shut off the overheat on my two webs (they were turning red quick with the entire mid-rack overheated) and scram and switched the overheat to my rocket launchers. He was repping but my DPS was breaking him. The main problem was his DPS was cutting through my buffer tank quickly. Faction frigate verses T1 frigate is always a close fight!

I was at 15% structure when he blew.

Now that was a good fight and I actually had difficulty looting the wreck as my hands were shaking. Oh and the expensive MWD dropped too. Fantastic!

No other game delviers handshaking PvP like Eve Online!

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  1. I can't tell you how much I agree with you!

    And to imagine that your opponent had the same thrill trying to break point and then adapting to try and win adds to the motivation!