Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I leave tomorrow on my annual return to the decadent West. I'll have a long weekend with my dad and bro and do some catching up with old friends. Then its to Iceland for Fanfest. Obviously with the strikes I might be stuck there forever. However, YOLO!

The thing is, we've not got a program for Fanfest yet! We've always had the program by now. I know as I always have printed a copy out to take with me and I always leave on the Thursday before. Oh well, I might not be able to plan by daytime activities just yet until I see the schedule but my nights are almost booked up!

Wednesday - The #TweetFleet Meet.
As usual the Twitter lot will be heading to the Celtic Cross on the Wednesday night to get drunk and chat about important internet spaceships. Get there early as the Celtic Cross is like Jita years ago. The gates will be closed when its got too many geeks in it!

Thursday - The Not-A-Charity-Dinner.
The Official Charity Dinner in 2012 was awesome. Hilmar, Soundwave et al welcoming up as you entered with a handshake and thanking you for supporting the event. Speeches after the meal by a representative from the Charity and Hilmar. Yeah there was some pomp and ceremony to it and it felt like good value. 2013 we got... erm... nothing but the meal. Wander into the restaurant, sit, get moved around when people had filled tables and there was no space for an Dev's. No welcome, no speeches, no pomp, no ceremony. So this year I thought I'd try Sindell's alternative. I believe there are still spaces if anyone wants to join us!

Friday - The Pub-Crawl-Without-A-Dev
These have always been great. Last year we were in CCP Fozzie's group and played capture the flag against the other groups. Was good fun, but regimented. There are only so many pubs and hundreds of Eve players and Devs wandering around in most of them. Erm.... yeah.... Sindell's alternative may say 'Without a Dev' but finding a pub without a Dev in it on the Friday night will be a challenge. See here for details.

Saturday - The Party On Top of The World.
Well, there is only ONE place to be on Saturday night isn't there. This year I will do it right! This year I will not drink all day. I will not try and finish my bottle from the airport before I go out. I will not power drink. I will not wake up Sunday morning, fully clothed, with half a pizza and a camera full of photos I do not remember taking. I will pace myself. Yeah........

Sunday - Blue Lagoon
What better way I ask you, to shake the hangover, by starting drinking again in the run-off lagoon from a power-station? Mmmmmmmmmm steamy........

Fanfest Itself.
My biggest fear for Fanfest is we get another round of talks and presentation with heavy "expectation management" as was in 2013. At Fanfest 2012 CCP threw new ideas out right, left and centre. The module POS revamp was one that really struck a chord with players and got them all excited. Then came the rage when CCP decided it was too hard to do and not many people would use it. I'm guessing that was the reason we got told very little in 2013. "Don't tell those bloody nerds anything otherwise we'll get raged at". So in 2013 DUST Bunnies got shown a lot of great plans, ideas and future features whilst we got a picture showing Badgers building a stargate and got told to "image" a lot. Anyway, I'm eagerly awaiting the progame...

I hope there is a faction war roundtable.
I hope there is a lowsec PvP/piracy roundtable.
I hope there is a lore/player fiction panel.
I hope we get to hear of this 5-year, or is it 4-year plan now?
I hope we hear about WiS.
I hope we hear about the new space.

Anyway, that's where I will be during Fanfest. If you spot me say hi and I 'might' buy you a drink!


  1. Really like the new page header, have fun at fanfest.

    1. I will!

      Less than an hour after I posted the usual Wednesday post old Mr Rixx Javix pipes up he made me something. :) It is rather cool isn't it!

    2. I'm wondering if I'll have even left the UK when the tweetfleet meet starts on Wednesday!

    3. Will keep a seat warm and a BoB Bomb cool for you mate! May the force be with you.

    4. Only one seat? Misty can sit on my lap them ]; )

    5. While the new header is nice, I'm not sure if it's better than the old one. :-)
      Have fun at the FF! Today I played again with the idea of going there myself and endure the 20h+ travel time each way... Then I gave up, again. Maybe next year.