Tuesday, April 8, 2014

CSM - Who Gets My Vote?

Voting is now open in the Council of Stellar Management 9. Therefore I have brought Wednesday's post forward a day.

If you still don't know who to vote for, the CSM 9 Vote matcher is up and running - http://match.eve-csm.com/. Answer a few questions about Eve and how important that question is and it'll compare your answers to the candidates and suggest those candidates that are closest aligned to your answers. Good eh?

I completed it not expecting a high score. In the past the best I have got is somewhere in the 50% match area. I'm strange you see!

I love Eve lore and backstory, I'm a sci-fi geek. I want CCP to work on walking in stations. I don't really want to see 'meaningful gameplay' with WiS, I want immersion into the universe of Eve Online. Anyone who reads my Friday Fiction will know I regularly use in-station screenies for my (f)artwork for the stories. I want more lore and technical articles. I want more live events and story telling.

However, whilst there are many like me, I am also certainly not a carebear. I am a -10 flashy pirate and faction war player. I play ONLY for PvP and blowing up your, or your friends/family/colleagues, stuffz.

In the past this has meant I never got a good match on the CSM vote matcher.

Generally these two areas are mutually exclusive. Most who agree with my views on WiS and want more lore/backstory tend to be carebears and thus do not agree with my other views on the game which revolve around shooting other players. Those candidates who stand on a platform of PvP and low-sec fights aren't usually big on the sci-fi background/WiS stuff. Therefore I usually get around the 50-60% mark for my "best match" when I use the vote matcher.

Right, lets fill this in for this year.... and the result are....

Top candidate is a 89% match????????

Who the feck is Gorski Car?

I had to look this guy up with some pointers from some of the #tweetfleet.

He's PL and sounds to be also ex-Hydra Reloaded? He's a low-sec, mainly solo, PvP'r who has spent lots of time in faction war. He seems to tick all my boxes with regard to what "CCP love" faction war and low-sec need, so sounds a good match generally.

I know you can have 14 or so candidates on your list but given the bloc ones and other similar ones who will do nothing for me (wormhole dwellers etc) I don't fancy putting that many down.

I am going to stick with five. In alphabetical order we have:-

  • Funky Bacon - PvP, low sec, faction war. Probably the candidate closest to me in play-style. Will probably be top of my list.
  • Gorski Car - PvP, low sec, faction war.
  • Mike Azariah - Existing member I feel did well on CSM 8. 
  • Sugar Kyle - PvP, low sec. Probably one of the most likely to get a seat.
  • Xander Phoena - He might be a raging nullbear but he's the person I feel could be the 'Ripard Teg' of CSM 9.


  1. Ah, thanks man. I needed a better list. This one is nearly identical to mine, except without Gor. I've actually seen him in low quite a few times.

  2. WiS doesn't need meaningful gameplay. It's a sandbox and players will create their own meaningful gameplay. Just give us the tools.
    Turn chat channels into empty rooms we can enter and hang out in. You can leave the tables and chairs for another expansion.

  3. How about allowing players to design their own tables and chairs, along with anything else you could think of that goes in a room, bar. Player submit model in predefined 3d file format that CCP can easily use along with some AUR. CCP then decides if the item is fit for eve. If allowed item is added to store at start of next month. A percentage of store sales goto designer as AUR. Option to relist item for the following month at a reduced cost. Otherwise removed from store.

    Players directly expanding the eve universe. New player profession. CCP staff time freed up not having to design items. New 'content' every month. CCP able to sell AUR.

    What's that? Did someone say rooms/bars to rent in station as well as offices?
    Leads on to players designing their own clothing that can only be sold in THEIR rented station shops. Can always be sold on market once got from shop by anyone.

    I'll stop there before phone eats it all, again.

  4. That's pretty much the same as my list. The only addition I have is Steve Ronuken. every time I see him on the forums he seems to know a LOT about how things interact everywhere as well as how the backend stuff works. Having a tech savvy person can only be a good thing.