Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Glass Cannon Fits V2

So got a few comments on yesterdays post about Glass Cannon weapons. What difference do some of the suggestions make?

Oracle - With 4 heatsinks the use of damage rigs is pointless. Gets your DPS from 1344 to 1380. Same with RoF rigs.

Talos - Same. Using weapon rigs doesn't help much given the stacking penalties.

Manticore - I'd point out my Manti had a prop mod. An AB! Dropping the torpedo range rigs to damage rigs is an improvement. Obviously with only two damage mods on a Manticore stacking penalties aren't as hard hitting. With two DPS rigs it gets up to 738dps and the range drops to 50km which isn't bad.

That got me thinking. Manticore only has two lows. What about a Purifier?

Highs = 3 x Polarized Torpedo Launcher + Covert Ops Cloak.
Meds = Afterburner and two spare slots with 7.7 CPU and 24.7 PG spare.
Lows = 3 x BCU
Rigs = 2 x Calefaction Catalyst Rigs

850 DPS out to 50km, 2,200 EHP. Amarr Victor?

Augoror Navy Issue was ship suggested may benefit from Polarized weaponry.

3 x Polarized Heavy Pulse.
MWD, Scram, Web
1600 Plate, Medium AAR, 4 x Heat Sink, Tracking Enhancer.
Triple Trimark.

766 DPS with 42,000 EHP.

Compared to my Fleet stabber at 434 DPS, 43,200 EHP buffer.... that Augoror might be the ship medium polarized weaponry has been looking for!

As I posted yesterday will keep this short. Just leave this Jonny Pew video here of the new exploration sites....

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  1. Wow, great turnaround on that post topic. I didn't say it last time, which I should have, but thanks for the playing with fits here. Very interesting.