Monday, November 17, 2014

Would Kaylee Say? New Hulls in Rhea.

So we have the new "PBR" rendering and some new hulls on the test server. Before we have a look at the new ships I'd just like to announce that the winner of the 1bn ISK Daredevil from the Stay Frost Frigate Free-for-All is....... Skir Skor with his rather silly pirate faction rookie ship complete with True Sansha web. It was a bit of a silly fit! Will contract that over soon(tm).

Anyway, onto the new ship skins. The new rendering (PBR - Physics Based Rendering) is on SiSi and everythings gone... erm.... shiny. What? There is no demotivational featuring Kaylee from Firefly going shiny? Oh well, here's on of her mentioning whores!

The new rendering does give a much more metallic feel to the skins and light bounces off much better. I'll start with the new Christmas Tree Bauble Ship or the ship formally known as the Absolution... shiny!

We have the new model for the Blackbird family:-

A new Incursus model:-

Finally, the T2 Versions of the Moa are here with "foldy down warpy" bits:-

No sign of the new T3 Amarr destroyer or the Bowhead yet. The new dreadnought variants aren't up either. As I'm going on holiday in a few days guess I might have to wait to see them live in Rhea!


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