Sunday, November 16, 2014

SCASSSS - Thera Gallery

OK for this Special Sunday Short I went to Thera. You know the Wild West? This place is even bloody wilder! Going to be interesting when it arrives on TQ first week of December!

The Stations

The Epicentre

Planetary Colonisation Office Wreck

The Testing Facilities

Expedition Command Outpost Wreck

The CCP Manifest Attacking Me!


  1. Does Manifest attack everyone that comes into Thera? I hadn't seen that in the Patch notes.

  2. I saw much the same, except for nobody attacked me because I was cloaked and there were lots of sleeper wrecks and drones left in all the sites.

  3. I think someone manage to pod ccp karkur - the loss mail might be on singularity killboard

  4. Nice looking system. And a nice base to assault the rest of new eden from with all those wormholes.