Monday, November 10, 2014

Stay Frosty FFA - The Top Five Silly Fits

I'm awarding a Daredevil worth one billion ISK to the most "silly fit" from the Stay Frosty Frigate Free For All that happened over the weekend. I've been over the killboard and pulled my favorite WTFs? from the system during the event. I didn't find many very silly fits to be honest. Blingy yes, bonkers no.

I had planned on three to feature, but these five all need a special mention!

The Pirate Noobship. 
258m ISK.
When I first saw this I thought why is Velator so damn expensive? Yes, its got a silly web on it but its still too expensive to be.... oh wait, its not a Velator, its the much rarer pirate noob ship the Violator. Ahhhhhhh!

The Dual-Faction Rep Incursus
149m ISK.
A T1 frigate with two faction reps? That must tank like a MoFo! Yes, but not when grabbed by a couple of destroyers. Oh well! It was a bit of a silly fit.

The Faction Fit T3. 
663m ISK.
Frigate free for all? Nah, I'll bring a blinged out T3 cruiser for a laugh. Dead!

The Battle Orca! 
757m ISK.

Faction Fit Dramiel. 
438m ISK.
If I bling my Dram I'll be INWINCIBUL! The Camel Empire and their non-bling Kestrels said "Nope!"

So who is deserving of the grand prize. Who was silly and brought a ludicrous ship to die in a fire?

Let me hear your thoughts dear readers. We shall choose one of the above together!


  1. Just to be clear and fair, the Orca and Proteus were both part of a sponsored in-event event from A Band Apart. Like my insanely fitted Nightmare from the last event was, fully intended for everyone to shoot and destroy.

  2. My vote is the rookie ship should win

  3. Thanks for the mention Drackarn but as Rixx said, my Proteus and Pruina's Orca were planned to go boom :P. I was just going to bring a T2 brick fit proteus... but then I saw that I could fed navy most of it for just a couple hundred mill more and MAYBE... just MAYBE... someone would loot the wreck and make a run to Jita, lol.

    1. Yeah I didn't know about those two. In the Middle East Sunday is a normal working day plus we are GMT +4. Anything on a Saturday evening is no good for us in the desert so I didn't make it. I know now.

  4. Also, there might be some more gems in there, such as this one:

    1. That's He-Man's Rifter. "I HAVE THE POWER!" :)

  5. I'm torn between the Violator and the Orca, so considering the Orca was part of the event, definitely the Violator :D

    And He-Man's Rifter definitely deserves a mention.

  6. The little not rookie ship sounds like a winner

  7. the rookie ship. btw, the giant saw thing is a bucket wheel excavator (probably the one working Germany's coal seam used to remove the sandy soil (overburden) that sits above the coal and begin the process of shunting it to the mined out portion as fill.

  8. I love the Orca but the pirate rookie ship takes the biscuit.