Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What The Hell Does THAT Do?

When CCP announced they were changing the icons when revamping the UI for Rhea I let out a GoL (Groaned out Loud). What a silly thing to do! People have been playing this game for over a decade, six years for me, how are we going to get on with completely new icons when we are so used to the old ones. Seriously CCP? Seriously?

Anyway, with so much going on there, I have spent a lot of time on SiSi during the last week. Thera, Physics Based Rendering (PBR), new Blackbird, new Incursus, new Eagle there is an impressive list of features coming in the Rhea release. My first day with the new UI was not good. As expected I couldn't find anything. Even though the icons on my SiSi client are in similar (not exact) locations to my TQ client I struggled. The market and its bar graph was one that got me confused multiple times. Even ship fitting which you'd think is perhaps one of the more obvious ones in the new icons had me confused several times. "WHERE IS THE FLIPPIN FITTING WINDOW ICON!!!".

Here is a comparison I made after rearranging my SiSi icons to match my TQ layout:-

So some are similar, some pretty different. Anyway, I had no choice in the matter so I soldiered on cursing CCP for the 'silly change'.

Earlier this week I announced the winner of the one billion ISK Daredevil. In order to contract it across to the winner I had to log onto TQ. Suddenly I was....

I was really struggling as I had gotten so used to the new UI so quickly I was having difficulty using the old one. I guess I relied on colours too much. May be thats why I confused the Journal with Contracts so often over the years. Doh! Wrong one!

Another change is the station window. Simpler icons and of course the ability to change colour schemes.

So the new UI - Hideous when you first start using it but after a day it clicks and its much better than the old one IMO.

I'm busy so will keep this short. I have to pack and I'm running out of time. Pack? Yes its holiday time. I'm off for a very well derserved holiday to a desert island that is only 400m in diameter. I shall be spending my time laying on a beach recreating Sindel Pellion leg shots, drinking at the swim up bar in the pool and scuba diving with hopefully sharks, manta rays and if we are really lucky whale sharks. I have some "blast from the past" type posts queued up as well as my entries for the Pod and Planet Fiction Contest. I'll be back first weekend of December.

But before I go, CCP Sledgehammer brought out a special edition Revelation yesterday sporting the new PBR textures. As Kaylee would say... shiny!


  1. Will take some getting used to the new icons. I liked my icons color-coded.
    Enjoy your vacation, since you are going scuba diving you should be fine in that regard.

  2. We fear change!!!! Also, every time I see 'PBR', I immediately think Pabst Blue Ribbon...