Sunday, November 2, 2014

SCASSSS - The 1bn ISK Daredevil

So I am donating a prize for the Stay Frosty Frigate Free for All on the 8th November.

I shall be looking for the three most ludicrously fit frigate losses. Whether really, really, expensive or just WTF/LOLz fit. The most silly one of all gets this ridiculously over-the-top Daredevil:-
  • Lows - Centii C-Type Small Armor Repairer, Damage Control II, 2 x Federation Navy Magnetic Field Stabilizer
  • Mids - Coreli C-Type 1MN Afterburner, Federation Navy Stasis Webifier, Republic Fleet Warp Scrambler
  • Highs - 2 x Shadow Serpentis Light Neutron Blaster, Federation Navy Antimatter Charge S, 'Upir' Small Nosferatu I
  • Rigs - Small Auxiliary Nano Pump II, Small Anti-Explosive Pump II, Small Trimark Armor Pump II
Its a silly, tight fit. Will all level 5 skills there is only 0.25 CPU remaining. But the stats on it are equally silly.

4,671 EHP with 48-60 hp/sec from the repper
Armour resists of 58/44/45/50
Capacitor lasts 2m 23sec thanks to the COSMOS vampire
1367m/sec from the AB
333 DPS!
10.5 km Scram
14km 90% web

In the cargo hold there are some exotic dancers (both sexes) and booze! You yourself will need to look your best for that party in the hold so there is a 500 AUR token in there so you can buy some new threads in the New Eden Store! Oh yeah, and I stuck some ammo in there too just in case the winner is mad enough to actually use this stupidly fit and ridiculously expensive frigate!

All in all, it cost 1.082 billion ISK.

Good luck! Remember the best "WTF was that?" loss mail in the Stay Frosty FFA on the 8th will get this.... and the winner is resonsible for getting it out of Jita 5-5 :)


  1. You are an insane person! I like it!
    Just gonna drop the link here:

  2. Anyone got a viable Violator fit? :p

  3. Can I win this and the most expensive incursus loss with the same ship?

    1. Don't see why not. If your fit is ludicrous in one way or the other it qualifies as far as I am concerned. It's Rixx event though.

  4. Eve really needs faction/deadspace/officer damage controls.... how can you pimpfit a ship if you are forced to use T2 modules...

    1. COSMOS DCU's are a billion each. I'm giving away the 1bn ISK Daredevil not the 2bn ISK daredevil ;)