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A Very Amarrian Christmas

Merry Christmas to you dear reader! I hope Santa brings you what you wished for. Hang on minute...... if you are here then you are a probably an Eve Online player. Therefore you are probably more on the 'naughty' side than the 'nice' side. Well, unless you are Chribba Veldspar or Sindel Pellion of course. Then I'm sure Santa will be rewarding you you for being a good boy and girl! Otherwise, you are probably buggered you utter sociopathic bully (aka Eve Online player)! This is the final piece of my Christmas fiction and looks at the Amarr. We are back to fiction only being on a Friday after this. Also, this post is a day early, I don't intend to do my usual Wednesday post as I would hope tomorrow you are feasting on gargantuan amounts of turkey with your loved ones and not on here reading 'Eve-O "Christmas" stories'!

Enjoy the festive season, have a VERY merry Christmas and I'll see* you in space after the break!

A Very Amarrian Christmas

There are numerous celebrations and festivals within the Amarrian Empire. Several of these could be related to Christmas of our time. But toady, we look at a very strange tradition on the planet of Arshat III in the Nashar constellation.

If you listen to the Matari you would think all slaves in the Amarr Empire are badly mistreated. On some, well, may be most planets they are right and the Minmatar slaves are treated worse than the dogs they use to control them. They live a miserable existance in constant fear and pain. However, some holders treat their slaves extremely well. Let us not forget that they are still slaves. They serve their Amarrian masters for no pay and they will never be free. However, other than the lack of payment, some are treated almost as employee's.

Holder Yaser is one of these more gentler Holders. He rules Arshat III with a fur mitten as opposed to an iron fist. The slaves on Arshat III are mostly grateful given the stories they have heard about how slaves are treated on other planets. Yaser doesn't use glave collars or vitoc and his slaves have a level of 'freedom' that would be unthinkable on most other Amarrian planets. The Holder does have a sizable army which now includes cloned soldiers. The Matari slaves know any uprising would be pointless, bloody and very one-sided. Given their situation they are content to maintain the status quo and there is rarely any problems within the slave population.

One of the biggest annual celebrations on Arshat III is the birthday of the Empress (or Emperor when one is on the throne). In the morning the Amarrian children receive presents from their parents. Like the Gallente version, there is no mythical being that delivers presents here and no 'naughty or nice' threats like those in the Matari and Caldari 'Christmas' alternatives. In the early afternoon there is a grand feast. Toruk is the traditional roast, which is a huge flightless bird found in the plains of the largest continent. Fine wines, fruits and cheeses round off the meal by which time the slaves quietly clear the table as most of the diners have fallen asleep thought too much food and wine.

In the evening they play games and tell stories recounting the glorious Amarrian Empire. However, it is the day after is rather unquie. On the planet Arshat III it is tradition for the slaves and the masters to swap roles for the day. The Amarrians get out of bed early and cook breakfast for their slaves and deliver it by hand to their sleeping quarters. The slaves have the day off and usually spend the morning together with their families relaxing. Many masters allow them to use the pool if they have one or to arrange transport to a beach or lake.

During this time the Amarrians return to the kitchens to prepare a feast for lunch. Traditional Matari fare is cooked consisting of wild boar and potatoes. The Holder imports Matari ale and mead from Mator but the slaves can also have the local wine if they wish. Obviously the sharing only goes so far, and the Amarrian wines made available are hardly the finest vintage, but to the slaves, it is their only opportunity of the year. The drinks are poured by Amarrians who also serve the food. It is seen as fun for the Amarrians who are really playing at the role.

In the afternoon the masters give presents to the slaves children. These tend to be simple toys and not the advanced technology that they give their own children. But for a slave child, even the most basic Amarrian toys are an amazing gift. A wooden model of Apocalypse battleship might be a poor toy to an Amarrian child, but to a Matari slave-child it is an amazing gift.

In the evening it is traditional for a huge bonfire to be lit in the slaves village square and more ale is served along with sweet marshmellows to toast on long sticks by the fire. Once all the drinks and treats are prepared the Amarrians tend to leave, giving the Matari the evening to enjoy themselves.

The next day it is back to work as normal, but for one day on planet Arshat III, the Matari can forget that they are slaves.

*When I say see you in space, I actually mean shoot you! What did you expect? Christmas cheer from a pirate?

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