Sunday, December 8, 2013

SCASSSS - Learn!

Many people use many different types of trap in Eve Online. I lost a Thorax yesterday to a well executed blob trap. Another common one is the alt in a cloaked Falcon, especially in medium faction war plexs. Set up some juicy bait that has DPS and wait for someone to come and engage you. Use the bait to get point and webs, then de-cloak the Falcon, jam them and kill them. Very effective. But.... you can only do this once to a person in the space of 10 minutes. Most Eve players do not have the memory span of a goldfish.

Yesterday we had a squid doing this in Nisuwa. My Thrasher and a corpies Atron had his Harpy until his Falcon decloaked. Given there were two of us the enemies warped away whilst he had us both jammed. Obviously didn't want to risk missing a cycle and having someone shoot the Falcon.

They went back to the plex after a few minutes and set the trap up again. Of course we docked up to reship and I jumped into a long-range Caracal dropping a target painter for a Gravimetric ECCM.

The same QCat in his Atron entered the plex again, and they repeated. Only this time I was in my ECCM Caracal 10 seconds behind the Atron.

Now, at what point did this guy (assuming it was one guy dual boxing) think - "May be resetting the trap here might be a bad idea. I mean these guys know I have my Falcon here and they might refit to counter my trap in that station over there?"

I'll tell you when.

It was at the point when his 426m ISK Falcon entered structure being unable to jam me and with a Pilgrim closing in to lend a hand.

Guys, fly smart! If you set a trap and spring it, move on.*

*Unless you are Caldari or Amarr Militia, in that case keep doing what you're doing!

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  1. So confident....all that loot in the cargo - lol