Wednesday, December 4, 2013

ISIS - Giving the Vets Something to Train?

We humans like achievements. The guys at XBox found this, and these days achievements are all over the place. From games on Steam to those on your mobile. Robo Defence on my Android phone has kept me going for ages as I try to unlock all the achievements.

When the ISIS ship thingy was launched in Rubicon I looked at it once. I have 105m skillpoints pretty much all combat spec. And this is what I see...

Yes, I have Mastery Level III in frigates and destroyers! What the....ffffffffffffffffffffffff? I left it at that, really? Level III? That's just wrong.

This week I'm back in the UK on a laptop so don't really want to undock. My Eve time has been mostly sorting out diplo stuff and chatting. When bored yesterday I did look in deeper to see why ISIS thinks I'm 'average' skilled at flying Caldari T1 frigates. Lets take the Kestrel, a ship I have a lot of success with at killing things.

Ahhhh so because I don't have Thermic Shield Compensation IV I am only level 3 in shield tanking. Well that is just silly, who uses passive hardeners on a PvP frigate? So there is the issue. As a PvP player who doesn't use passive hardeners I will never get level IV or V mastery unless I train four useless skills to levels 4 or 5 respectively.

Now if I look at the Gallente tree I see mostly IV's. Passive amour hardeners are useful in PvP so I have them trained to V. Looking at the armour mastery I am only missing Amour Layering to V and then I have level V mastery in armour tanking.

So am I going to train these skills, even the ones I don't really need? Of course I am, and CCP have been very clever here. Giving vets something to train for has been an issue for some time. If they introduce more skills it effects the lower skill point players as it gives them more to train. There is also the potential it'll make vets over-powered. So what can they do in this case? They can encourage vets to train skills that, if they really thought about it, they wouldn't bother with normally. How to do that.......

Well played CCP..... well played.

P.S. Damn you CCP! DAMN YOU!


  1. It does affect active hardeners. Not in the way you would like it to, but it does have an affect.

    To active shield hardeners: 3% bonus per skill level to Shield Thermic resistance when the modules are not active

    To passive shield hardeners: 5% bonus per skill level to Shield Thermic resistance

    1. Where did you copy and paste that from? I'm betting not the IG Client but some website. Those skills got hit by the nerf bat a while ago. They now say.....

      "5% bonus to thermic resistance per level for Shield Amplifiers"

    2. Yep, that passive bonus was nuked about a year ago or so.

      But hey, your gallente Tree looks better than the caldari, thats a sign, you have to fly more gallente ships. ;-)

      And no one said you need those skills to be good at, but as a new player, you at least get a chance to see which skills are effecting shield tanking. You can still decide whether you need it or not.

      It's only your ego that wants to have nice IV or V standing there, right? ;-)

  2. Laughed when I read this - I've already had the same mental conversation with myself. The difference was I decided I wasn't going to train the crappy and pointless skills and would just ignore the ISIS.