Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Proposed New Modules - Interdictor Points & Tachyon Detection Grids

In low-sec, Interdictors are not a common ship. Their primary weapons system, the bubble launcher, doesn't work in Empire space. So other than being used as a T2 Destroyer which is not a lot better than the T1 variation for the cost, they have very little point. Literally. You do still see the odd one, but for the money you are better off in an Assault Frigate or save yourself a bunch of cash and just use a T1 destroyer!

With the rising popularity of risk-adverse LP farmers stabbed up to the eyeballs is it time for a new role for Interdictors? To slap these farmers down!

With Heavy Interdictors you can script your bubble module to make it a targeted infina-point. We need something similar for ordinary Interdictors? Now before you super pilots start screaming blue murder, I am not suggesting an infina-point on a 'Dic. I don't want to see destroyer hulls tackling Titans and super carriers. But we need something to lock down these damn stabbed farmers. Dual scrams will do it but you need to get into range. Targets generally decloak 13-18km from you if you are sat on top of the gate. Therefore normal scrams don't have the range.

So I suggest a new module specifically for Interdictors:-

Warp Inhibitor module.

  • High-slot module.
  • Targeted (same as a normal point).
  • 20km range.
  • +4 warp disruption strength.
  • Can only be fitted to Interdictor class vessels.

Now the word disruption, not scramble, in the above is very important. I see these as not shutting off MWD's like a scrambler, I see the working basically like multiple long points. These will catch pretty much all the normal stabbed T1 frigates. The Punisher's and the Merlin's fitted with triple stabs. It'll also tie down those pesky Ventures with a stab fitted, as +2 warp core strength just isn't enough for your average Caldari Militia farmer!

Use two and you can grab those smart-bombing battleships that lurk near gates low-sec gates!

My other idea is to combat these cloaky ships that should not be cloaked. A Merlin, Condor, Atron and especially Thrasher should not be cloaking! What I would like to see is the "Tachyon Detection Grid" (yeah shock, I watched Star Trek). This is a module that projects a bubble around the ship 20km in radius. The bubble effects cloaks and makes them deactivate. It does not work on covert ops cloaks, so if you are flying a Falcon or a cloaky transport ship or other covert ops cloak enabled ship you are fine.

The disadvantage of this is that when the bubble is active, you cannot target anything. The interference from the tachyons the module emits means you cannot target anyone. Therefore you can decloak the Condor that is hiding just off the button but when you do you'll need to shut down the module, wait for it to finish its cycle and then lock the target. This means the cloaked ship had ample time to run away..... if you are alone.

I would also suggest it cannot be activated within 50km of a gate and does not effect ships in warp that are passing though the bubble. That way your cloaky hauler isn't going to be inconvenienced by pirates gate camping with these ships.

I generally see this as a ship providing a support role. Yes, you can decloak those pesky ships that shouldn't be cloaking. But its unlikely you are going to catch them yourself.

Obviously I'm thinking faction war plex here. The Condor that cloaks up every time he see's a war target on short scan. The LP farmer who has signed up for WAR but doesn't want to fight, just leech LP.

These two modules would certainly make a huge difference in the war against the farmers!


  1. +1 from me. I like the plex point idea better than the tachyon field one, but I think both could be extremely effective.

  2. Dictors already can tackle supers in nullsec, but they are easily cleared. The same would be true in lowsec.

    1. Yes, I missed the 'in low sec' regarding titans and supers.

  3. Usually I am firmly opposed to anything that hurts the afk cloakers/WCS users you so hate because it's a valid playstyle (one I'll never embrace!) and perhaps partly of a fear that this will impact my defenseless epithal (only defense is 8k ehp and 4 WCS)

    But these suggestions seem fine with me at first glance and I'd happily support bringing them to the attention of CCP/CSM.

    No nerf to WCS but a counter by buffing dictors.
    No nerf to (afk) cloaking but something that enhances decloaking attempts.

    1. AFK cloakers wouldn't be effected. They could warp off from gate to their safe and cloak up and worry the locals all day long. What would be stopped would be cloaking in faction war plex every time someone landed on the accel gate. CCP wanted the plex to encourage PvP, not hiding.

  4. But how will the farmers farm? Their peace will be disturbed.

  5. I approve of this product and/or service.

  6. I still like the idea that you can't cloak in plexes like while in hostile high sec systems, and if they buffed the tank of the rats in them, could force them to fit something other than stabbs in the lows

  7. I like it. I still prefer disabling stabs in a plex, but this is a good solution

  8. +1
    Flying cloaked myself all the time but only in coverts as it should be done imho.
    A cure for the WCS-desease without breaking the balance while at the same time buffing a weak class of ships, ingenious!

  9. +1

    (I prefer alternate options. But this is a nice one too)

  10. I like it, but the dictors can not enter novice plexes, so the multi-WCS farmers would keep doing their thing, just in novice level plexes.

  11. The idea sounds great except one thing about the decloaking module, farmers would just ship up to stealth bombers/cov ops frigs.
    It would only fix using realy young chars to get a small fortune.