Monday, December 23, 2013

A Very Gallente Christmas

Third and penultimate in my Christmas specials exploring Christmas type celebrations in New Eden. A bit more of an adult themed one for today's empire, the Gallente Federation.....

A Very Gallente Christmas

The closest thing to Christmas in the Gallente Federation is VC Day. Victory over the Caldari. It celebrates the day in 23156 that the Caldari evacuated Caldari Prime and fled the system of Luminaire. After two years of brutal war, the celebrations on Gallente Prime were huge. There is no mystical figure here that distributes gifts for the Gallente. It is a time for loved ones to gift each other personally. With the children this is easy. Parents give presents to their offspring on the morning of VC day and the children are expected to give one of the gifts they have received to either a sibling or a close friend. Of course it is usually the least favourite present that is traded, but it is the thought that counts. Many parents specifically buy one present that they know the child won't like but the sibling will in order to make it easy for them.

However, this is the Federation. Home of freedom... as well as sex, drugs and rock and roll... in all its excess. It is not just the children who receive and in return give presents, it is also a special night for the adults. VC night is when the kids are sent to bed early with their gifts and the adults give special gifts to each other. It used to be jewellery and watches with a special dinner. A sort of Gallente Christmas and Valentines Day all rolled into one. However during a great depression a few decades ago, it became popular to gift something that had no material value. To do something extra you wouldn't normally do for a loved one. To make an extra effort. Over the subsequent decades the message, like many things in the Federation, became corrupted. Let us travel to a Gallente space station in the heart of the Federation dear reader, and peak into a normal quarters late on the last VC night.....

Monique sat at the dresser blow-drying her freshly showered hair. She glanced over at the bed, everything was laid out both on the bed and on the night-stand. She sighed heavily. What a stupid tradition, what a stupid way to celebrate the end of a terrible war where millions perished. They had given the gifts to their son and daughter that morning. Of course in each set of gifts there was an obvious one that they would give to the other. A 'Build Your Own Federation Navy Comet' kit would not be a top present in their daughters eyes, so she would use that one as her gift to her brother. The 'supermodel doll' in her sons presents was handed over to his sister very rapidly. Her husband had joked he might not have handed the doll over so rapidly without checking if it was atomically correct first. Men!

Next she applied the bright red lipstick. It was shocking red and not one she would wear outside, but she wasn't leaving the house tonight, she was dressing up to stay in. 'A very silly tradition' she thought again. Whilst children were given presents on the morning of VC day, adults were supposed to try and make their partners dreams come true. Whilst this may have been a simple and good natured idea a few decades ago, now it had just become corrupted. "Bastard men!" she thought more strongly. She reached over to the bed and grabbed the black silk stockings. She pulled them up her legs, smoothing the silk and then and attached the satin suspender belt to the lace tops.

"VC day, making your loved ones heart's desires come true". The slogan of a common advert on the holo-networks echo'd in her mind. Did the excess of the Gallente Federation corrupt everything this way? An innocent holiday, perverted to such an extent that husbands and boyfriends could make such outlandish requests? She shuddered when she thought back to that day several weeks ago. They were at the mall buying the gifts for the children and she asked him when he wanted for VC night. He had been sheepish and said he'd show her later. He didn't ask what she wanted. That night after the kids had gone to bed she asked him again. He'd produced a mini holo-reel. They had watched it together. It had been a rather X-rated skin-flick. She was no prude but it had shocked her.

"You want me to do THAT?!" she had asked, more of an accusation than a question.

He hadn't dared speak, just a shy nod. She'd sat there in stony silence for a few minutes before she had an idea.

"What do I get in return?" she had then asked him.

"Anything you want." he had replied meekly, walking right into her trap.

She slipped her feet into the ridiculously high heels and teetered to the bed. She looked at the various apricot and pink coloured bottles on the side-table he'd bought specially and winced. Then she glanced over at the festively wrapped box on the floor beside the bed and smiled slightly. "Karma is a bitch" she thought.

The bedroom door opened and her husband entered. It was 11pm, exactly on time. He stopped in the doorway, his mouth hanging open staring at her. Although Monique was not very happy about the situation, the look her husband was giving her at that precise moment made her feel amazing. She was laying on the bed, in the stunning underwear they had bought together, the slutty heels and the f-me lipstick. It was definitely having the desired effect on him.

She braced herself and slipped into character, telling her husband in a sexy voice exactly what she 'wanted' him to do to her, just like that slut in the movie.


An hour later Monique was in the en-suite bathroom unwrapping the box and pulling out the item. Her husband had asked what it was, and she'd just replied it was part of her gift that he was giving her. The asshole smiled thinking his wallet would be the only thing stinging tonight, he couldn't have been more wrong. She fitted the contraption and adjusted the straps. It actually felt comfortable and gave her a great sense of power. The stinging pain she felt from their earlier activities didn't feel as bad now as she prepared to surprise her husband.

"Are your eyes closed?" she called out.

"Yes!" he replied.

She walked into the room and stood at the foot of the bed.

"You can open them!"

There was a funny sound where her husband gasped, choked and emitted a small shriek all at the same time. He had opened his eyes to find his wife standing at the foot of the bed wearing what appeared to be a set of black leather pants secured to her waist and thighs with thin straps. The appendage that hung from the front of the pants was like a babies arm, jet black and covered on bumps, ridges and nodules."

"You...... you....... you cannot be serious!" he stammered in fear.

"Oh, I am. Come on, on your hands and knees lover boy. Its a good job that you bought so much lubricant isn't it! We've got loads spare luckily. What? Come on, as you said before. Please, darling, its VC night! It is very rude to say no!".

For the record, Monique's husbands requests for VC night from that occasion consisted mostly of watches and jumpers.

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