Sunday, December 1, 2013

SCASSSS - The 200m ISK Merlin

I was roaming solo last week when I found three squids in a medium plex which looked to also include neutral logistics. My Thrasher would get kerbstomped so I entered a small plex. My reasoning was that the two Thrashers might try and gang up on me and the logi could not get into the small plex. If those Thrashers were AC then I'd have a chance of taking them both if they were AC.

I waited..... and of course they didn't come.

However I did get a Merlin on short scan. I thought to myself "Well he's not going to come in here is he!"

I was wrong!

He warped into the plex and I locked him up and fired, giving him a little wave goodbye. I'd loaded faction EMP ammo when I got him on scan so was expecting him to die in one, may be two volleys. Nope. He was also repping well. This got me confused. Surely he cannot fit both a MSE and a medium ASB? But my volley is only taking him down to 20% shields so he must have a buffer, but he's repping back to 80% in a single cycle.

Then I noticed my speed. 350m/s with my 10mn AB running. He was soon under my guns even with my web on him. What the hell is going on? I should have killed this dude already, instead my shields are taking a beating! I over heated the AB and the guns and tried to make range. The OH on the afterburner did the trick, and I moved away far enough for artillary cannons to start really hurting. Finally he popped as I was 70% armour.

I posted GF in local feeling slightly embarassed that a T1 brawler frigate had nearly killed my 10mn Thrasher, a ship designed to kill T1 brawler frigates with ease.

I looted the wreck and aligned out. I then stopped and thought, did I just see what I thought I saw? I re-opened my cargo bay. Its value was over 170,000,000 ISK. This is fairly unusual as I normally have less than a million in ammo in the hold. Faction modules! I opened the kill mail.

Oh.... so that's why I struggled a bit!

A 200m ISK Merlin. The fittings and rigs were 447 times the cost of the hull!


  1. I think it's obvious the Exotic Dancers, Female were by far the most valuable thing in that drop

    (also congrats on all 4 pimp mods dropping \o/)

  2. Uh... shield rigs and armor repper.

    1. I agree - I can't figure what the AAR brings to the party. Sure, it's only 5 PG and 5 CPU, but a nano is 0+0 and surely that would be more useful?

    2. Dual tank fits with both AAR and ASB can actually be quite effective. Especially considering he didn't have a point (instead opting for 2 webs). You're able to bait tank until you start taking armor damage, then activate both heated reps for a crazy amount of burst tank. You hope that your opponent has seen you going down quickly and gets careless, maybe not even realizing he can warp out until it's too late. Granted, it works better on the breacher, but the merlin can pull it off as well.

  3. You really owe your loot fairy a drink or two for that drop.