Friday, December 6, 2013

The Affair - Novelette

Fiction Friday! Escape pod here.

This is my second 'e-booklet' piece and comes with a warning. This is not my usual action-adventure/horror in New Eden. This is a lot more..... erm..... 'racy'? I did it is an experiement and not sure I'll be trying it again, the next one is back to proper 'action-adventure'. So please, no under 18's here, this is strictly for the mature audience. Hang on...... mature and Eve? OK, this is for the grown ups only. Mmmmmm still doesn't work ;) Over 18's only! That'll work ;)

Download the PDF here and the introduction is copied below if you want a taste!

The Affair

The door opened and Detective Devereux was shown inside the small room. Inside, two uniformed men stared through the one-way mirror into the interrogation room beyond. The younger looking man wore a typical security services uniform, obviously the local law enforcement. The older man was wearing an officer’s uniform; Devereux assumed he was the 'brass' in the room. Upon hearing the door open, the two men turned and the older of the two approached.

"You must be Detective Devereux from the Federal Investigation Bureau? I'm Station Commander Vidal and this is Security Chief Gérard".

They shook hands before turning their attention back through the mirror. A woman was sat in handcuffs at the small table. She was smoking a thin cigarette and didn't appear to have a care in the world.

Devereux would have classed her as attractive. She was of Gallente origin and had dark, almost black hair. She looked dressed to impress and he assumed she had been arrested on a night out.

"Commander, as I understand it this is a pretty open and shut murder case. No confession but pretty damming evidence if I read the summary right. I'm a little confused why the FIB were called?".

"Yes Detective. If this had been a normal case Chief Gérard here would have taken it. She's clearly guilty as hell and any tribunal wouldn't be sat more than 20 minutes before sentencing her. But there is a complication that was left out of the official report. The murder occurred in one of our Captains Quarter’s."

"I still don't see the significance."

"A capsuleer’s captains quarters."

The detective simply nodded and left the observation room, heading towards the interview room. Capsuleers were a law-onto-themselves and crimes committed by them and in their quarters were a federal matter. Out in space CONCORD had jurisdiction, inside stations and planet side it was the individual Empires responsibility. It was very rare to find local law enforcement keen to get mixed up in capsuleer matters. Therefore in the Gallente Federation or their outposts the FIB were called on to enforce the law.

He entered the interview room a few seconds later. The woman just looked at him, blowing a cloud of smoke.

"My name is Detective Devereux, Ms Rochette. I understand you have used your one call but you say you won't be having legal representation?”

The woman just nodded as if she wasn't particularly interested.

"I'd strongly advise you seek legal representation. These charges are very serious".

She shrugged indifferently.

"I'd like you to tell me your side of the story, from the start." he stated as he took the seat opposite her.

"Why?" she asked as if she was bored and didn't have a care in the world.

"Why? Because you are charged with pre-meditated murder and are looking at the death penalty!" the detective couldn't believe her flippant attitude.

"It'll never go to trial." she smiled.

"Sorry, but from where I’m looking it's a pretty open and shut case. The victim, who you were found with, had been strangled with a stocking around her neck. Is your right leg cold, Ms Rochette?" said the detective as he bent over looking at her legs of which one was covered in black silk and the other was bare.

"I've already been through this with the security guys." she complained.

"Please, indulge me."

"Very well, I suppose we have a few hours to waste. But if you want the story on how that dancer died, I have to start at the very beginning. And it is Doctor by the way, not Ms.”

Devereux didn't understand that first comment about 'a few hours to waste', but as she started to recount her story he didn't want to interrupt.

Download the full story from Eve-Files here.


  1. arghhhh just when the story start to get interesting..... have to download the file!

    1. Sorry dude. 10,000 words so would need a month of Fiction Fridays to have it on here.

  2. I enjoyed this fiction just as I enjoyed most of your other fiction. I missed your first long story as I was too busy to read it at the time. Any chance you can repost the link?

    1. Thanks. The longer pieces (pdf booklets can be accessed from the Novella link at the top -