Saturday, May 3, 2014

CCP Presents! The Summary.

After trying Eve : Valkyrie on Sony's Morpheus headset, Saturday was shaping up to be a great day at Fanfest. However last years CCP Presents was a massive disappointment to me. Check the rage here after it turned into a second DUST514 keynote and all we Eve players got was "Imagine". I was mad, bro! Given Fanfest so far I was relatively confident CCP weren't about to do that again.

So onto CCP Presents 2014...

First up was a recap of this years Fanfest with an epic song by the CCP staff regarding killing is communication. What? It's not up yet on YouTube. I'll Tweet Manifest now and add a place-holder. It had better be up before I finish writing this Ned! Nope? I've come back and checked... still no video in YouTube. It'll have to be Guard and his nipples then!

Then we had the CSM election reveals. Funky Bacon was top row which I am pleased about as he was my first vote. Sugar Kyle, Xander and Mike all got in who were the other three I voted for. So all four people I voted for got onto the CSM. Result!

The came CCP Rouge. He had a couple of points he wanted to make. First DUST514 development is not stopping! However, reading between the lines it'll get no significant attention for the foreseeable future with Legion getting most of the SiF resources. There were several mentions in the rest of the presentation about CCP now focusing on a 'single platform - PC'. Next was that there will be some migrating of characters possible from DUST514 to Legion. To be confirmed when Legion is a game and not a concept.

Eve Vegas is 17-19 October. Eve Down Under 21-23 November.

Mystery Code holders (from Collectors Edition) will get a Rorqual skin.

Eve's next localisation will be to French, expect Gallente numbers to swell in 2014.

After Katie Sackoff said she'd buy us all a beer at Fanfest and then said no.... the CEO of Burning Napalm bought all the Fanfest attendee's a beer. Seriously!

The Eve mini-series is still on but nothing to report. MusterBrand bringing out new clothing and shipping to US starts this year. Angry CONCORD guy is still angry.

A new comic will be released in 2015. This time not a true story but the back-story of Eve : Valkyrie. No release date for Eve Valkyrie but may be the two might coincide? Mmmmm?

We are getting a 200 page coffee table "The Art of Eve" book in 2015.

A 10" Megathron model is being produced by a professional model company. A 24" Nyx with lights and everything is being produced by another.

Mobile strategy appears to be scrapped. "Eve Everywhere" from last year is now "Eve United". Three products, one platform.

DX11 working well with over 60% of players using it. Time to start putting in some shiny stuff that actually uses that engine... soon (tm).

The Guristas have invented special cloning tech. This means you can use different bodies... which leads to single sign in and same character for all three Eve Universe games!

You want a quick blast, go Eve Valkryie. Want some more in-depth shooting, go Eve Legion. Want some serious internet spaceships for a few hours, go Eve Online. One character, three games, one log in.

Character creator being optimised for touch screens (Really? How many play on a touch laptop?)

Then we got the usual video. Very nice!

It appears Caldari, Matari and Gallente are working together to build some sort of super stargate? Amarr not happy try and stop it. We have Eve ships, Valkyrie fighters and Legion boarding parties.

Finally Fanfest 2015 is during the solar eclipse and at a time when hotels and flights are hideously expensive!

Well done CCP. That this year CCP Presents is official a win!


  1. Thanks for your support man. Was appreciated and certainly your endorsement helped a lot with the FW crowd. o7

  2. When DX 11 came out it caused my Eve to crash multiple times/day - and always in combat. Switching it to DX 9 fixed the crashing. I had to figure out the non-obvious launcher configuration to do that switch.

    That roughly 1/3rd of their customers have figured out how to force the client back to DX 9 when it defaults (and has re-defaulted) to DX 11 suggests to me that I was far from alone in my teething troubles. I hope that they fix (or maybe have fixed already) these issues. They sure seemed unconcerned about them at the presentation.

  3. What I'd love to see in the next coming vid:
    The gate is still there, the EMP'd ships are still floating there. And then a swarm of very powerful and hostile ships with very angry captains and crew speaking a heavily accented Earth-language (english, french, german, russian, chinese, whatever) jumping through it and starting to obliterate everything moving and stationary except the gate itself. Then the titles: "We opened the box, is it time to close it?" or similar.