Sunday, May 25, 2014

SCASSSS - Test Driving the Garmur Frigate

For this weeks Sunday Short I had a little play about with the new Mordu's Legion frigate the Garmur on the test server. Its a very nice looking ship, sort of modern day stealth fighter meets the Stargate X-302. Remember there is still time for the stats to change before Kronos releases in a week and a bit!

Rocket Fit
With T2 short-range Rage Rockets you can easily get 16km range with a couple of missile fuel or speed  rigs. Your scram has 13km range so you can be putting out 150dps with no damage mod from 12km orbits. Will be a nasty surprise for blaster boats if you add double webs and armour tank your Garmur. Like most faction frigates you can get a 400mm plate on there to give a nice buffer tank. Obviously the Garmur is designed for shield tanking but I think it'll work the same as the good old armour Kestrel!

It is also a fast ship. My rocket fit was doing 3.7km/sec with a 400mm plate on it. Without the plate I got 4.15km/sec.

Light Missile Fit
Obviously this ship is made for kiting. 36km long point means you can safely sit out of harms way and spam missiles at your foe. Issue here is actually lock range. Your Garmur only has 35km so you really need a SeBo or a signal amplifier if you are kiting at max range. I got 160dps out of the ship with one T2 BCU with 47km missile range with Fury missiles. Capacitor lasts 1:45 which is not ideal for a kiting ship so a cap injector is not a bad idea.

Looking forward to seeing these on TQ.


  1. I'm imagining a lot of interceptors will want to duel you. If I saw a Garmur perched 250km off a gate I know I'd chase.

    Now the nice thing about the rocket fit is that you should still be able to chase off cowardly condors/crows with point LML fits as long as you have Javelins because of the very short flight time.

    It definitely has potential.

    1. On my quick fit I got 29km range with Javelin with 100dps. The issue will be those Condors with sensor damps.

  2. Looks like a lot of fun....just wonder how much they will cost - lol...