Friday, May 2, 2014

DUST514 Is Coming to PC!

OK so it's not DUST514 exactly, its called "Eve : Legion".

Who are we kidding here? It's DUST514 enhanced on the PC. The official news story is here. Here is a quote from there regarding DUST514 vs Eve : Legion.

Although DUST 514 and Project Legion will function independently of one another, and are different projects on different development paths, DUST itself has a lot more shooting-in-the-face action to come.

The forums just erupted with tears. I'd like to repeat this one as he makes a lot of sense:-

Niccolo deLuce
Savage Bullet

Really makes sense, the console market just doesn't fit with the long term commitment that's implied with the Eve/Dust link. Console is all about 6-12 months of commitment until the next installment of the series comes out, like Madden/NCAA/FIFA/BF/COD etc etc. There's no way that a game with a planned 10+ year life cycle like Dust can compete against companies with 100x the advertising budget of Dust directed into convincing people to buy a new game every fiscal quarter.

Its a game I'll play. My PS3 just gathers DUST these days, haven't used it in many months!

Here are some shots I took from the presentation. There were off-map orbital strikes happening with mushroom clouds. Volcanos erupting. Trees! Rocks! It looked a lot better than DUST even in this early stage. Did I mention the orbital strikes happening in the background with subsequent mushroom clouds? AWESOME!

Other news from the morning of Day 2 of Fanfest...

The UK round-table quickly derailed and went well off topic onto how to attract new players to Eve.I left early.

A lot of work is being done on the New Player Experience to try and get more new bro's to stick with the game. Less text, more tool tips, more angling players to try other things rather than just missioning.

The DUST514 keynote was very short, about 30 minutes. There was a quick recap on what has happened in the first year, an excellent player made video of people doing silly things in DUST and then onto the Eve Legion announcement. Some take their DUST514 very seriously....

Done this as a separate post as Faction War and Eve Keynote are up soon and I'm sure they'll need their own post!


  1. Eventually hadda happen... No way you gonna get console kiddies, even the older ones, to do the long haul that is EVE.

    Consoles are masturbati... you know... one-night-stands...
    EVE is marriage. With ALL that entails... LOL

  2. Great reporting the highlights!