Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Test Driving the Orthrus - WTF!!!!

I thought I'd try out the new Mordu's Legion Cruiser on the test server, the Orthrus.

Now lets remind ourselves what a "normal cruiser" is. Here is a dual LSE Caracal, a very common fit:-

Hopefully that's nothing new to anyone. Bog standard HAM Caracal set-up giving 495 DPS out to 25km and a tad under 18k hit points. This is with a couple of Hobgoblin II's and Scourge Rage T2 HAMs. I needed to stick a PG implant in my head to get the twin LSEs to fit plus a power mod in the lows. I went for an EM rig to plug the hole plus a couple of field extenders to shore up the tank.

So I went for something very similar on the Orthrus. As a faction cruiser I'd expect the stats will be better don't you? The fitting is a lot easier and I didn't need the implant or the power upgrade in the lows. Therefore I could fit a DCU and a medium neut even. So lets see those stats and how it compares to the Caracal.

WHAT THE.................?

These numbers cannot be right, can they? If they are, then the new Mordu's Legion cruiser is an absolute beast. Someone must have painted over the 'Battle' before the 'Cruiser' bit.

A 780dps cruiser of doom with nearly thirty thousand hit points? This isn't a cruiser, this is a OMFG I'M GOING TO ROFLSTOMP YOU CUS I'M A BEAST OF A CRUISER!

Its significantly faster than the Caracal at 306 compared to 287.5 m/sec. Signature radius is smaller significantly but obviously shield fits make this vary a lot. Sensor strength and scan resolution are also a lot better on the Orthrus. This is all before we remember its 36km long point range! Its in a different league!

I tried a different fit after mentioning the point range. I swapped to faction missiles and dropped a field extender for a missile flight time rig. I removed the neut and swapped the target painter for a medium cap injector. What does that give me? 680 DPS at 34km range. A nasty kiting cruiser!

In the "looks department" its like the frigate, a more traditional 'Earth near future' sci-fi ship. Something you'd expect to see in a movie set 40-50 years from now. Those side "wingy bits" rotate and fold in when warping (see last two screenshots). But still.... those stats!


  1. It will be nerfed. They have to be, since the stats are so out of whack with other cruiser class ships. I am trying to remember a ship that was not tweaked after it came out of the box. The SoE cruiser had its drone bay shrunk, the SoE BS got a cap buff and RR range buff, I am not sure if the SoE frig was touched though.

    If it outclasses the other pirate cruisers, it will be nerfed.

    1. Agree. I very much doubt that ship with those stats will make it to TQ even if we are only days away.

  2. Don't have a fitting tool available right now but what are the EHP on that caracal if you replace the second LSE with an invulnerability field and the fitting mod with a DCII?

    Can't see if that caracal uses T2 or meta LSE but is it possible to switch out the PDS/RC for a DCII by downgrading to meta?