Sunday, May 4, 2014

Fanfest - Party On Top of the World

Yeah, that happened. Great to see the return of Permaband who were absent in 2013!

Evening started with a lot of lifting.

And chatting with friends.

I got my annual Sin(ful) pic that started in 2012* 

S810 Jr and Misty. As a smoker, Misty kept popping to the smoking tent for some unfresh air without her boyfriend. Bad move! Worst chat-up line of the evening? "Hey babes I have 64bn ISK and FOUR Titans!"

Aideron Robotics took his coat off and knocked over my full glass of vodka. I used to have a drink, then I took a vodka to the knee... and the rest of the leg.... and my shoe.... oh and I think CCP Seagul who was standing close got some too. Anyway, I was given one of their fab coins due to my wet leg!

Permaband rocked out "Killing is a means of communication" and of course "HTFU". Amazing live!

Drunk munchies in the early hours, best munchies!

*In 2012 I remarked that Sindel was wearing a cocktail dress and Twitter came alive with shouts of "Pictures!". I asked if I could get a picture of her intending for me to take a picture of her. Instead she jumped on my lap and got someone else to take the picture. Worried what may happen if the wife saw it, I took a very hands off approach!

To some if was rather funny. So it started a bit of a tradition for me!

Thanks to Sin for being such a good sport :)


  1. Great job blogging about Fanfest, I've enjoyed following your adventure.

  2. Haha, wish I could have been there as well. Thanks for the updates.