Saturday, May 3, 2014

Trying Eve Valkryie on Sony's Morpheus Headset

There I was, on the 5th floor of the Harpa surrounded by the geekiest of the geekiest. Fellow Fansite operators and ISDs. We were there on invitation by CCP to be some of the first to try Eve : Valkyrie on Sony's new VR headset, the Morpheus!

I felt rather special as my little blog had got me here!


We were led up to the top of the Harpa where they had the Morpheus set up. We were given a quick talk and explanation on how to play and then were split into teams to have a go.

I went last. The headset is fitted to your head (obviously) then the headphones on top. Suddenly you are in Battlestar Gallactica. You are Christopher Blair in Wing Commander!

Sat in the launch tube waiting the off I looked around. Looking down I see my legs and arms. I'm holding the joystick. Your first instinct is to move your arms but obviously your VR body doesn't move. You still try it though! Then you look to the sides and suddenly feel very small. The fighter is huge. The VR headset gives you a sense of scale and the scale is you are sat in a fracking massive fighter!

The alarm goes off and you are catapulted out of the launch tube into space! Again the scale is huge and the speed is fast. Can be weird when you are use to a console controller and using both sticks that you only need one now. Also where you move your head, the camera moves but the ship doesn't. As the missile system tracks where you are looking you can be locking one enemy out of the side window whilst firing your guns at one in front.

I was terrible. But it was awesome fun and over too quickly. The smashed glass of the cockpit signifies you are sucking vacuum. The game is awesome and I am sure will be a massive hit. There is the old Eve slogan "I was there". With that headset on you really do feel you are there!

The build running on the Morpheus headset is an older build and not the same as the one running downstairs on the DK2. The text on screen was difficult to focus on at some points but we have plenty of development time left and that is probably already sorted in the latest version.

I think Oculus has suddenly got some major competition in the world of VR gaming!

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