Sunday, May 18, 2014

SCASSSS - Whump! There It Is!

As a sad sci-fi geek one of the features I'm looking forward to in Kronos is the new warp "sonic booms". Yes the Legion ships look cool and the Quaffe Stations are awesomely blue but this simple effect is my favorite.

I spent some time trying to work out where the flash of light was spawned. I had one character sat still whilst another warped between two celestrials. It appears the flash of light depends on the ship. With an Interceptor the flash is very close to where the ship lands. 60km or so.

With a cruiser it is further away.

The 'warp to' was the same in both shots. The inty 'whumped' planet side of the POCO and the Cruiser on the station side. I tried warping a dreadnought for effect!

I'm looking forward to seeing whole fleets dropping out of warp soon(tm).

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