Friday, May 2, 2014

Fanfest - FW, Eve Keynote and Not-a-Charity-Dinner

DO NOT TRUST GOOGLE EARTH - IT LIES! Anyway after several of us ditched Google Earth and wandered around a bit we found the Tapas! 25 Eve players plus Dev enjoyed a rather nice meal, a few drinks and some excellent chat. I was wedged in between the Twitters @RossMP9999 (Ross M-P/Laurici) and the delightful @LostofWorld (Artemis Septem) and had a great time. Mad props to Sindell for sorting it!

So onto Friday's Fanfest! The first half of the day is here where DUST514 is coming to PC (Yes its DUST514, they may call it Eve Online :Legion but it is still DUST514!).

Faction War Roundtable.

First up Fozzie revealed changes coming in the Summer Expansion.

  • Cannot cloak within capture radius of the button.
  • Rats will respawn so you'll need a DPS ship to plex.
  • Large Outposts being introduced (standard plex spawn rather than random)

Rest of the session was us REAL faction war pilots giving lots of ideas and feedback which I don't see happening as Fozzie did say we had all of 2012 dedicated to us so small fixes are the name of the game.

One interesting thing was when someone asked about orbital bombardment of DUST514. There was oooohhhhh'ing and aaarrrrr'ing before the question was deflected. The hastag #theredfanfest has been used to reference the DUST514 fans who have come to this Fanfest.

Eve Keynote

I was disappointed with last years Keynote. CCP told us NOTHING! It was terrible. This year, we're back to business! I am on limited time (need to get drunk) so here is a quick recap!

Proper blog to come on all this when I have time.

First up no more two expansions a year. It'll be 10 point releases every 4-6 weeks. This allows for BIG changes that don't have a serious deadline (remember Incarna).

They want us to be able to build ANY structure in New Eden, including stargates.

They want us to be able to DESTROY ANY structure in New Eden, including stargates?

- Kronos 

The next expansion on 3rd June.

Industry is the theme. Covered lots of info already released in the industry dev blogs. Read them!

Freighters to be rebalanced and you will be able to customise them with rigs!

Kronos will introduce hull HP rigs for freighters!

Transports  and Blockade Runners to be rebalanced. Heavy duty upgrade for Transport Ships.

NEW SHIP - Prospector. A T2 Venture that can fit a covert cloak. Extra cargo and ore capacity.

Low Sec mining to be buffed with rare minerals added to encourage risky mining.

Drone rebalance has already been dev blogged about.

NEW SHIPS - Mordu's Legion. BPC's will drop in low-sec only! Fast, kitey ships, missile based with warp disruption range bonus! Frigate, cruiser and battleship!

New Condor model including Raptor and Crow.

New Moa model with warp mode like the USS Voyager (naysels (sic) fold in or something)

New Typhoon model.

Faction skins for stations (Quaffe is awesome!)

Sound customisation. Not only does Eve have sound but it'll be massively customisable in Kronos. So you can set various alarms and notifications for your liking.

12 new ship skins.

Tooltips mainly aimed at new bro's

New station and booster sounds.

New warp effects. AWESOMESAUCE! Think Star Trek style bursts of light in the distance and a sonic boom..... in space? Issue with the boom? Read the Jovian Wetgrave and shut up!

The Future:-

Ship customisation and corp logo's. Groundwork done, working on implementation.

Corporation and alliance overhaul after industry overhaul.

Then POS', stations and starbases.

The Stargate construction!

Then NEW SPACE! The unknown, new rules.... a New World!

Phew! DRINK!


  1. OK... OKAY! NOW I'm getting excited again!

  2. Yeah, this is looking much more ambitious somehow.

    And no cloaking within capture radius of an FW button? SQUEEEEEEEE! al.

  3. I hope rats don't respawn in a plex if a pvp fight has started.

    Will the Mordus rats spawn in FW space also?

  4. Sounds like allot to come soon after a Summer Expansion.

  5. Wow, thanks for the updates! Very intriguing info coming out of Reykjavik this week. :-)

  6. I read Fozzie's dev blog when I got back to the hotel. Adding small Arkanor and Bistot ore sites to low along with the high end ore sites that pop up in high sec. Since those high sec sites contain ores already found in low sec belts, I personally will ignore those sites and just mine in the belts. I'm really not sure how big a buff that will be. I personally am going to wait until June before passing judgement whether those changes are good or bad.

  7. Would love to see warp core stabs get a small iteration. 1 warp core stab, 50% reduction in scan res. 2 or more, 100% reduction in scan res. i.e. scan res goes down to 0.