Monday, April 1, 2013

A Month of PvP in Numbers and Burn Jita 2013

Killin' By Numbers

143 Kills
I managed to assplode 143 ships and pods in March. That is my most kills in a month since I left the UK and moved to the Middle East three years ago! 3.66bn ISK destroyed. I don't know why last month has been so good in my crap TZ. I did have a couple of days off work with the flu including a Sunday which gave me a few hours more play-time than usual but still, I doubt that has resulted in such a jump.

62 Solo Kills
SMEGGIN 'ELL! How the hell did I get that? Never had anywhere near that many in a single month! Eve-Kill should count the number of solo kills on your stats so I can compare to previous months, but I'm pretty sure I've never got that many. That's only 3 less than my total kill count for January!

30 Losses
I've never lost so so many ships in one month.... ever! 560m ISK worth of ships have been assploded by ze enemy (and some 'friendlies', damn Matari militia*) during March. That is 18m ISK per ship on average. Shows you how many destroyers I've been flying this month! I guess the amount of solo'ing I've been doing is the main reason this is so high. Then again, with so much soloing is a nearly 5:1 kill/death ratio so bad? Historically when I was in GMT and flying regularly with fleets this was between 11 and 12:1. So going solo a lot has halved that pretty much.

26 Pod Kills, 0 Losses
I think this shows the Caldari farmers are still alive and well. I don't get it to be honest. Now the Caldari are down to warzone control level 1 is farming LP's really that profitable? Surely level 4 missions or such will net you more cash per hour than farming at such a low tier level. Oh well I suppose I cannot complain and will just continue cracking those pods open and scooping the frozen corpses and giving them to s810 jr for his collection!

1 Quake590 Kill
My ex-Nemisis isn't so scary these days. Now when we meet in similar ships it comes down to who fires first. In our last fight I did and he popped as I was in low structure.

3232 BC Rank
Throughout 2012 I bounced around the 5200 area all year. I was getting plenty of kills and big kills, they were just fleet kills. BattleClinic awards points based on the ship and what you kill it with, and then splits those points between those fighting. Kill a cruiser with five battlecruisers, you are not going to get a lot. Solo a Navy Frigate in a T1 frigate, you'll get loads! Since 1st January this year when I made a New Years Resolution to get out of the 5000's I've jumped up 2000 places!

200,000 visits
This weekend this blog hit the 200,000 views milestone. I know plenty of that will be people searching for Chuck Norris-isms and lolcats/demotivationals, but I'm happy. Yes I'm sure its a fraction of what the big-boys like Eveogander get, but I never expected to hit that in my first two years of blogging!

So all-in-all March was a pretty damn good month. April will not be anywhere as good in numbers as my Eve time is going to be massively reduced for the last two weeks of the month. 17 days and I start the long trip to Iceland via the UK for Fanfest!

Burn Jita 2013

When ever any information is released around 1st April I'm automatically suspicious. However, what if in a 'tinfoil-hat' way this was a stroke of genius on behalf of the Goons. Twitter is alive today with talk of Burn Jita on 19-21 April 2013. Is it an April Fools joke (the local removal story is obviously their main one)? Is it actually a double bluff? We know from last year that they can always start a day early to surprise those carebears trying to squeeze one more freighter full of goods in/out of Jita before the Goons start shooting.

Who knows, but it will be interesting whenever it happens.

*On the subject of the Minmatar militia attacking the Gallente Militia, the QCATS held a meeting here.


  1. Excellent numbers! My March wasn't as good, but I did manage to finally break into the 2k's on BC (2,977 atm) so I am happy about that.

    And yes, going solo will hurt your kill/death ratio at first but then it will start to slowly climb back up again. The KD ratio is a numbers game though, so it takes time. I've been consistently averaging better than 5:1 each month for awhile now, but it is stil stuck at 5:1.

    Good stuff.

  2. Why is everyone wondering about Plex farmers? When the Gal are spread out all over that's the perfect time to farm. And history shows that the current level of control modulates up and down. Plex when its easy and cash in when it goes up --- and kill them all the time =D