Saturday, April 27, 2013

Eve Online Fanfest 2013. Day 3 Summary

As 'CCP Presents' went on for for so long time is short. I'll try and do a proper write up tomorrow after the Blue Lagoon which will cover that, today and the party.

CCP Presents is usually HUGE NERD BONER time. After the Eve Keynote yesterday I was looking forward to it. It was massively disappointing  Guys, this is the 10th year anniversary keynote and that is the best you could do? Seriously?

May be it was just me?

OK, Not just me and those are just the people I follow. Sure if I looked at the hashtags I'd get even more.

So what was there? Here is my rushed list of what was in CCP Present.......
  • We raised 2m ISK for charity. Good they told us that because we got told feck all at the Charity Dinner.
  • China server is doing well.
  • CSM 8 elected including my #1 vote, Ripard Teg. But voting numbers were down this year.
  • Space elevators are planned in the future (not even a 'soon' though)
  • Museum of Modern Art
  • New Eve Online clothing line with bags.
  • New Eve Online comic book with free digital version based on player stories.
  • 'Eve Source' a new hardback book on lore.
  • Eve Vegas plus and you can buy tickets with PLEX now.
  • Eve Online Collectors Edition Box. (Rifter model USB hub, in game items, Golden Pod, new BC, DUST crap, Thrasher, CD of Eve music, hardback book, CCP's Icelandic board game they created to finance Eve). All for $150/Euros o.0
  • DUST514 launches..... I bet you cannot guess..... yeah 14th May. Shock!
  • New DUST equipment and maps. Lots of specifics about future plans and ideas*
  • Rogue Drones in DUST
  • Lots more stuff about DUST.... cannot wait till we get same level of detail about Eve Online /excited.
  • Running out of time. More shit about DUST.
  • DUST again.
  • DUST fights inside Titans and stations. Wow Eve Online presentation must be awesome if it is same level of detail as this EXCEPTIONALLY LONG DUST presentation!!!!
  • WHAT? That was it? no details, just broad unspecific statements (colonisation and player gates to unknown space) with no themes or ideas like we got in DUST????
  • Eve Online mobile. "Eve in the palm of your hand". TELL IS MOAR DETAILS! "This DUST514 Companion is launching....." AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
  • OOOOOHHH! The CQ door! This is going to be epic. Tell us Hilmar!

  • FFS!!!!!
  • Cool VR Eve fighter thing.
  • 10 year CCP employees getting a sword!
  • CCP trying to erect monument to 10 years of Eve in Reykjavik.
  • There will be a Eve Online mini-series ala Game of Thrones! EPIC! Sorry but I had too.....
  • Fanfest 2014 1-3rd May
  • And of course the annual video.

Overall, a disappointment, slightly sweetened by epic video and the announcement of mini-series.

Crap I'm late!

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