Monday, April 22, 2013

Fanfest in Approach Range

So nearly there, tomorrow I fly out to Iceland ready for Fanfest!
I've not logged onto Eve since Thursday and Internet access has been limited so not really got much to say other than at fanfest I.....
....hope to see:-
Great presentations and some realistic plans for Eve in the future.
Some good pew-pew action in the tournaments.
The usual CCP video that they have to play 3 times with massive cheers from the audience.
Red wine.
Some Icelandic scenery and get some good photo's.
More cider.
A lot of Eve-O fans having a great time.
More vodka.
Statistics and graphs!
Sindel in a dress.
The Tweetfleet getting drunk!
More red wine.
Permaband doing HTFU.
Amazing hotdogs.
Some hard partying.
A bright future for Eve Online.
Quaffe and Red Bull.
....hope not to see:-
Any presentations that are basically a dev reading out a previously released dev blog (like FF12 with ship balancing).
Sober people.
Crowded roundtables where everyone is squeezed in like sardines.
Tears (there were a lot of whiny bears at FF12).
A lack of bacon at breakfast.
Unrealistic plans that get the crowds worked up but in reality we're never going to see them come to fruition.
Massive conflicts in the schedule (Doing well in PvP tourny means you miss key presentations etc)
I'm on the 1pm IcelandAir flight from Heathrow on Tuesday and can be found in the bar in a 2012 FF t-shirt, probably drinking a pint of cider. Say hi if you're there and I'll buy you a drink!
Expect daily posts on here of the shenanigans in Rekyavik with lots of photo's.
What happens in Iceland stays in Iceland......... and on Blogger, Twitter, Facebook.......

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