Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hitting a Hole in One on the 18th, Eve Online Style

I was flying around the other night in a Cockbag Thrasher which is really not a great idea when you think about it. Cockbags are great for camping, not for mobile PvP. But I was out of 10mn Thrashers and also low on armour/AC Thrashers, so thought I'd try sniping off some faction war acceleration gates.

I landed off a gate and almost immediately got an Ishkur on scan. I hastily loaded RF Fusion ammo and he landed just as the loading cycle finished. Now Assault Frigates can be a problem for Cockbag Thrashers. The key thing with a Cockbag is maintaining range whilst you get the required shots off. Usually this is not an issue on a stargate. The target jumps in, hits warp and the insta-lock Thrasher stops it dead. The pilot then has to realise he's pointed, not moving (the point cancels the warp) and then act. Those few seconds are usually enough to get two shots off. 

The problem is when they come at you. Now with frigates and destroyers they either use an AB so are slow, giving you time to get the two or three volleys off, or use a MWD and that blows their signature radius up so high your guns do a lot more damage.

Now Assault Frigates get a bonus to the MWD signature radius penalty. This means they are fast and can close the 15km distance very quickly whilst not getting the normal 500% larger bullseye painted on them.

Anyway I thought I'd chance it.

BOOM! I fire the first volley of my pre-overheated guns and his shields vanish. I'm aligned away from him but my speed is nothing compared to his with the MWD running. I have him in mid armour with the second volley as he gets under my guns. Damn!

However his DPS is surprisingly light. Which is good as the Cockbag Thrasher does not have a single tanking mod. Nothing, not even rigs.

My armour is disappearing fast, my guns are not hitting him very well and it looks like I'm going to be podding home. I decide to leave the overheat on. May be I'll get lucky, otherwise I'll make him pay for the repairs on the loot I drop. Yes, I can be that vindictive!

Then he decides to try and make range for some strange reason. I'm in low structure and about to pop.....

BOOM! My guns fire and I see the gun icon instantly grey-out on the screen. I just burnt out my guns!

At the same time I also see the Ishkur vanish from my overview to be replaced by a pod. Did that really just happen. I rotate the camera to see a white wreck and a flashing orange pod warp off.

Yes, yes it did. My guns burnt out on the sixth volley that destroyed my target.

I wonder how often that happens?


  1. I enjoy reading your blog even if it often is at the expense of my comrades. However I was curious what happened to the 1v1 of the month? I remember reading the rookie vs rookie ship but that was it. Have you canceled this? I was really looking forward to when you would being doing carrier vs carrier.

    1. Thanks. Yes, the 1v1's have slipped and I need to catch up on them. I underestimate the problems with my crap TZ. I tried to get over to Rixx Javix a couple of times but the damn OMS insta-lock gate camps are a pita! Will try and get him tgis weekend now you've reminded me :)

  2. he had no guns... he shoulda had some blasters. also he only had 4 drones... how do you get t2 drones without having 5 drones?

  3. I don't remember who you had signed up, but if you are looking for someone to fill a t1 cruiser or below slot, let me know