Thursday, April 25, 2013

Eve Online Fanfest. Day 0

Today - Golden Circle Tour and #tweetfleet meet.

Woke up rather refreshed this morning after being a lightweight last night. Apparently those out on the town had a very good time. But I think I made the right decision as I was a bit burnt out from the UK trip in the previous four days. Anyway onto the Wednesday.

It started really good. So far I am loving the Radisson Blu 1919 especially compared to last years hotel*. Free wi-fi and BACON!

So far so good and out of the dining room window I should have a view of....... oh bollocks!

This strange white stuff is falling from the sky and fecking up visibility!

However you can never predict Icelandic weather. Here are two shots of the grassy knoll at 10am and 4pm.

So onto the Golden Circle Tour. First stop was where the North American continental plate hits the European Plate. Well they used to touch, thanks to continental drift there is 6km and a mahoosive lake in between then now! This is where the Vikings created the first parliament apparently. Weather was crap for taking photos.

Second stop was the waterfall at Gullfoss. The weather was even worse and the camera lense had more snow on it than me. I warmed up with traditional Icelandic soup and a very nice prawn sandwich in the cafe tho'.

Last stop was Geysir. Apparently the Icelanders gave us this name for erupting hot springs!

Very strange to see puddles and streams boiling in front of your eyes! I managed to get a few shots of one erupting!

So that was it and back to Reykjavik which had defrosted in the 6 hours since we left. I sorted these photos out and had a kip before ordering room service and getting ready for part 2.... the #tweetfleet meet!


Met ex-corpie S810 Jr at the Celtic cross who drinks BoB Bombs. What is a BoB Bomb? See above! He has to order the components separately and then mix together in a pint glass! There were Amarrian beer mats too!

Then Baghi turned up and found himself a special friend! Sindel was jelous of the bromance going on and turned it into a three-way. Hug that is before you comment Bucky! @DruurMonakh didn't fancy any exposure so hid behind S810 Jr.

This Testie wore an 'interesting' pony related t-shirt!

Soundwave arrived and he liked the look of what I was drinking so I bought him a cider! Here he is with said cider and S810 Jr!

Later on in the evening I asked Sindel if she would lick Bucky which she did! Then, well I'm not sure. Here are a few of the pics I found on the camera next morning...

I have a kebab wrapper in my room. There was kebab at least! God I feel rough, not even in the mood for bacon this morning! Urrrgggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Anyway I don't think I spent..... WHERE HAS ALL MY MONEY GONE!!!!!

*To be fair to last years hotel, the Blu is about twice as expensive.