Saturday, April 27, 2013

Eve Online Fanfest 2013. Pub Crawl.

I split day two into two posts given time constraints and percentage chance of being horribly hung over.

I signed up for group 11 which was led by CCP's Fozzie and Bro. Oh dear....

The Dev's with 'Guide Girl' (Don't get that the wrong way round) come down the stairs with a big flag showing group numbers. 

CCP Bro lays down the rules. These include how much to drink when giving a spaceship hi-five and dancing with a stranger.

Not that anyone on our crawl is a stranger.... or wearing strange hats.

Remember where the first photo showed the flags for each group. Here you can see more... these are important.

2nd bar and a cause for celebration?

A small skirmish group from ours broke off from the group and stole the flag from group six which was headed by CCP Sockfour? Foxfour? Cocksmore?

Oh and we stole 21's too.

Groups turn up to retrieve their flags. Look at him in the middle! He mad bro!

Anyway we ended up with four flags in the end.

Which we proudly displayed in a march through the city centre!

erm. Some people?

Ah the 20 Minuters!

And the photo's stop there as does my memory. I can confirm there was kebab. Just nothing massively interesting. Wait.... I have notes on my phone here!

Apparently the next T3 ship is to be an industrial with Orca like bonuses. Wonder who said that? Wonder how much drunken trolling that is? It's serious????????????????

Good night all in all from what I remember and props to our flag capture teams!

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  1. EvE players will ALWAYS do the unexpected... in game or IRL!! Love it!