Monday, April 8, 2013

Who Redecorated My Hanger?

Ever had one of the moments in Eve that you are sure something is different but you don't know what, yet it is completely bloody obvious?

Yesterday I logged into Eve to grab some screenshots for a fictional piece I'm writing for a post to be published on Friday 19th. My FFF's up to Fanfest are now all set up with part 14 and the finale of 'Into the Black' to be posted this Friday. The Friday after that is the one I'm doing the graphics for currently and will be auto-posted as I'm flying back to the UK that day. The Friday after that, the 26th, will be a report on Fanfest from Iceland. Brrrrrrrrrrr!

I needed to do some in-space shots as well for the piece. As Drunk 'n' Disorderly have recently reset standings to most of us in the area I thought I'd better log onto SiSi to do it. I don't want to be caught whilst I have the UI hidden taking shots of the station. I find there is a 400mb patch to download. Doh! Not a problem this month as nearly half of it I'll be in Iceland or the UK so screw you 20gb/month limit!!!

So I update, log in, hit the enter Captain's Quarters to take the screenies and I suddenly see this....

Hang on a minute. What the deuce? What is that slowly moving behind my right shoulder? An Amarrian BS? Let me log in another toon in a different station.

I watched for about a minute as a Hyperion, a Megathron and a Tempest slowly travelled up the....? Erm....? Docking tube? Which gave me a case of WTF?

Yes, there are ships cruising past the hanger in the background. But hang on, isn't everything a bit more shiny? I log on to Tranquillity to compare side-by-side and yes, we have changes in the CQ!

Now I'm not a big one for the Eve-O forums. Too flamy, trolly and several other completely made-up words for me. But I had a quick look to find an explanation and yes, the station interiors have been given some V3 lovin'. But wait..... that's not all...... apparently capital ships have also had the same! Jump in the Archon!!!

Nice! I wonder what else we have here? A quick poke around the forums reveals nothing else to prick my curiosity except this....

Apparently capital wrecks are no longer dropping on the test server which led some to believe it was a bug. CCP BunnyVirus, who apparently is a 3D Artist, gives a clue with a response of "not so fast youngfella, you will get your new capital wrecks when we are done with them" Mmmmmmm. So new capital wrecks then!

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