Sunday, April 28, 2013

Eve Online Fanfest 2013. Day 3

This year I was up in time for Eve Movie Morning! A collection of player made videos over the last 10 years. Was good to see a couple of my faves in there including Eve Hell and This is War.

Downstairs there were the Eve Offline scrolling shooter and the EVR fighter simulator. There were also board games to play if you wanted low tech!

The first roundtable I went to was low sec PvP/Crimewatch.

Getting bounties and/or sec status was discussed around the room but the issue of farming your own alts is the main sticking point. How can you do this and not have it open to exploitation.

Greyscale said he'd looked into sec status for killing players but no firm plans have been made. Mostly it had involved +5 players acting as vigilantes.

Next up was security status in high-sec. Future plans may be that rather than system status defining what level the police come at you, all systems will repsond to you if you are -5 or worse. The speed and number of the space police will be determined by the systems sec status and your own. If you are -5.1 and enter a 0.5 system then they'll send the trainee cop in a bit. If you are -10 and jump into a 1.0 they will send ALL THE SHIPS!

Some people wanted more system upgrades for low-sec 'homes'. CCP don't want this. Low-sec is not null-sec-lite.

Node balancing is done automatically so the more a system is used, the higher priority it is given for a better node. Undocking 50 ships once a day may trigger TiDi but you're not going to get a better node just for that.

Someone suggested making all four empires hi-sec islands so that players have to enter low-sec to travel between them. CCP said if they were launching Eve tomorrow, that is exactly what they would do. But there is no way they can do it now.

Can we bribe gates to shut down for a minute. No? Pity :)

Chatted about making roid belts and dungeons 'lockable' for short periods of time to encourage their use.

Lots of talk about titans and bridges. Said that low-sec should have hidden smuggler gates to allow local residents to get around better than people who don't know the area.

Soundwave's suggestion of hi-sec POCO's may damage low-sec POCO's. Conversations on minimum tax rates for hi-sec to encourage low sec usage.

Talk about dungeons in low-sec where MWD's don't work.

Low-sec should be the ghetto where Empires and null-sec entities fear to enter. It's narrow streets and back allies. Taking a tank there won't help as someone will drop a bomb from a window above!

A quick food stop.  Yes the menu is themed!

Next was player fiction panel. Generally about what resources there are and CCP's plans for the future.

The general message was join ISD Mercury! PLEASE HELP US!

Then it was time for CCP Presents!

Community doing well raising money for charity.

CSM voting was down a little this year. May be because there was less drama. Or was because nobody fancied picking 14 candidates?

CCP likes space elevators and wants them in game!

Museum of Modern Art was shown with the 24 hours in Eve exhibit.

New range of clothing. I saw these in the store area. Look good quality and price reflects this.

Dark Horse Comics to publish an Eve comic.

64 pages and free digital download!

New lore book to be published.

Eve Vegas is later this year with greater CCP support and you can buy tickets with PLEX.

Then we got shown "Eve Collectors Edition". $149. And you get....

A golden pod, 5 run BPC of the new gifted BC, a colourful Magnet, Some DUST suits and weapons, special edition Thrasher, CD of the Eve soundtrack, a Rifter 4 port USB Hub and a book you can use to explain Eve to your family.

Then it was onto DUST 514 that launches in just over two weeks. Basically the presentation was "Look at all this we've got planned for you!"

Wow, that is a lot! New weapons, new suits, new vehicles, new craft, fighters, drones. Wait... there is more for DUST!

Trees, new architecture, new buildings, new environmental effects (snow), fighting inside a titan! Fighting inside a station! Wow that was a lot and I've missed out loads as I have many more photos.

OMG OMG OMG It's Eve Online's turn. I cannot wait for our version of the last presentation! What does the future hold?????

Here is comes....

Yeah space colonisation, we got that yesterday and its the same slide.

Yeah, we got the player built stargates too. Most of the people here now were here yesterday. Lets hear the cool stuff coming, planned or hoped for like you gave the DUST fans!

5 year vision, 3 year road map and a 12 month plan. Got it, lets have the interesting stuff now....

Wut? Wait! Back up here a sec? We just had 40 minutes of what the fecking DUST bunnies are getting soon (tm) with lots of future plans of cool stuffz and WE GET THAT!!!!! "5 year vision, 3 year road map and a 12 month plan." SERIOUSLY? WHERE IS MY NERD BONER!

Oh well, may be this presentation will be better. Yeah, mobile apps, CREST, yeah, and details John?

"And this summer we will be releasing...."

FFS, DUST again.

Next we had some CCP employee's celebrating 10 years with CCP. So CCP gave them Viking swords! CCP are also looking at putting a monument in Reykjavik to celebrate ten years of Eve. Oh and Hilmar trolled us about walking in stations. Fanfest 2014 we'll hear more!

 So with very little time to actually save CCP Presents! in the eyes of the Eve Players, Hilmar pulls two things out of the hat which sort of make up for the lack of any Eve Nerd Boner moments.

Firstly, not an Eve movie.... an Eve mini series!

Looks like it could be rather cool, as long as it isn't 95% DUST like this presentation.

And of course we get the usual trailer....

A DUST heavy CCP Presents! with little or no nerd boner moments and certainly no "I cannot wait for this in game" type features to look forward to. Disappointing. Very disappointing!

I think this post is long enough. Party pictures and Blue Lagoon tomorrow!

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