Wednesday, April 3, 2013

CSM 8 and POS Changes for Odyssey


With Marc pulling out of the CSM 8 election I am truely lost at who to vote for. Last year was so clear for me, Hans Jagerblitzen. Now with Hans not running for a second term, I don't know who to vote for.

The vote matcher gave me a max match of 63% and the first five were "and who the smeg are THEY???" with Ripard Teg being the first familiar face with 53%.

The robo-blogger does appear to be the best match for me so I think I'll throw my weight behind Ripard!


I need choose 14????????

POS Blog

So far Odyssey has not really revealed anything that has got me excited. Then again why should it? The last two expansions have been for me. Well, not me personally, but me as in a PvP/faction war player. I doubt there will be any expansions for a few years that will really get me excited as industrialists, miners, carebears and null-sec residents get some hot CCP lurvin'.

Today I saw the post from CCP Fozzie about the possible POS changes coming up in Odyssey. We all know CCP made big things about possible POS changes back at Fanfest 2012. They then looked at the code, pulled a disgusted face and said "Sod that for a game of soldiers!".

Then they received some "feedback" from the player-base. Now they are looking to see what they can do in the short term to help POS residents and owners whilst they take a careful the mess that is the POS code in the long term.

Occasionally I have operated from a POS. It's been rare, but needed some times. For example the lead up and the battle for Rakapas needed a POS so we could reship when battling the squids as we could not dock in the enemy controlled stations. Needing to reship between novice, small and medium complex's requires a POS when targeting an enemy system.

And what a ball-ache it is. However the new Dev Blog from CCP lets us know some of the plans they are working to for June's expansion providing the ancient POS code doesn't become self aware, take over the buildings temperature control and roast them (CCP said that, not me!).

Here is a condensed list of what they are hoping to achieve.

Private Item Hangers.
Excellent! One of the issues with sharing hangers is people will take stuffz that is not theirs either by accident or on purpose. This will help a lot!

Private Ship Hangers.
Apparently this is a lot more difficult to achieve but CCP are trying to sort this.

Stuffz Will Drop
By the sounds of it, if you destroy an array phat lootz will drop similar to a ship kill. Some items stored inside the hanger will be destroyed with the hanger itself, some will survive the blast and reward those who are bored to tears structure bashing. Note that if you unanchor the array you will destroy ALL THE THINGS!

Repackaging Mods in Hangers.
If there aren't damaged, then you can repackage and stack them.

Swapping T3 Sub-Systems
SMA's will allow you to change sub-systems on a T3. Apparently many wormhole dwellers are celebrating!

All Arrays can be Accessed Inside the Shield
You won't have to approach the arrays any more. Tiny winy drones will bring your stuffz to you!

Starbase Setup
Use the probing mechanic with the slide arrows!

Captial Ship Maintenance Arrays Don't Need Sov
Warning, these are not assembly arrays, so no building titans in low sec! These are the maintenance arrays only.

So some real improvements there. Nothing on the scale of what we were shown at Fanfest 2012, but a step in the right direction. Nice to see CCP listening to the players when they cry foul.

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  1. They're planning to make POSs more like POCOs in how we store items/ships.

    In my humble opinion, they should freeze the current concept of POS entirely, and work with the code for ships, building off t3 subsystem concepts and utilize a mobile ship/base concept like a rorqual, but on steroids. Different sub systems for various industrial activities, different subsystems for defense, offense. Make it so the mobile ship/base needs to be fitted with modules similar to a ship to permit various actions. Make it so if it has guns/missiles/drones loaded, it has no defenses, so it can't be both a gun platform and a castle. If you need to interact with the mobile base, you need to dock your ship to it and 'board' the base. Once boarded, you can manage your hangar/ship storage industry/research activities. It would still need fuel to run in this mode, you could make it a capital class with a propulsion subsystem for jumping.

    Once these new mobile bases could do everything that a POS can do now, give a 3 week timeline for folks, and then turn the existing POS structures into wrecks.