Monday, April 15, 2013

The FF Countdown, Dying a Lot and Enaluri

With me visiting family on the way to Iceland for Fanfest I have but a mere three days of work left before I leave. Thursday is my last day in the office before I jet off in the wee hours of Friday morning to London Heathrow. I am supposed to be on one of those huge Airbus A380-800 flying elephants with wi-fi so looking forward to trying to play Eve at 38,000 feet!

I'm busy preparing for the visit and digging out my Fanfest clothes. Whilst this does include Eve T-shirts it mostly involves clothes that I wear once a year. Thick jeans, long sleeved shirts and coats are not really needed in a country that rarely drops below 10oC in the coldest winter and for most of the year stays above 30oC peaking at over 50oC!

However, that means I also only have 4 evenings of Eve playing left to make my killboard look acceptable. I am having a bad month. A very, very bad month.

March was my best month for solo PvP in over three years. I was Chuck Norris (sorry Loren). I was killing right, left and centre. I was having a ball! Then April arrived and I forgot how to play Eve. I just keep getting assploded no matter what I do, things are not going right for me at all. I swear at one point over the weekend I came back to the computer after going afk, thought about undocking, and my ship just exploded in the hanger!

The month did start OK and I have had a few sessions where things have gone my way.

This guy died to me after a good fight, big shells penetrate frigate armour fairly easily. He came back and tried again. Same result. To be fair to him I did swap the fit whilst he was away.

The loot fairly decided I'm been a good boy and dropped this 30m ISK MWD for me.

I think it was after that drop, it was decided by some higher power that, given March, I was having too much fun I should be punished and hence I started to die, and die, and die.

So I'm not really helping. Then again, whilst my personal contribution to the war effort this month is similar to North Korea's contribution to world peace, things have been going well for the Gallente Federation.

Leaked intel the previous weekend indicated that the Caldari were gearing up for a major offensive from their base of operation in Enaluri. As the Gallente Militia tends to agree that the best defence is a strong KILL THEM ALL! KILL! KILL! KILL!!!!!! The squid offensive never came and they have been on the back-foot since then.

Offensive plexing by the Gallente had pushed Enaluri up to 90% contested and the squids were trying to fight back when something unexpected happened. Enaluri jumped to 97% contested. Apparently the DUST514 bunnies captured an M-class planet for the Federation, pushing up the system status to almost vulnerable. The Caldari who thought they had another few hours, suddenly found they didn't. A short while later Enaluri fell.

This offensive appears to have had some disappointing outcomes. RONIN had apparently disbanded, the talk is IBS is about to throw in the towel too. The last week has seen minimal Caldari action and squid targets are hard to come by (my April losses have tended to be from neutrals, not war targets).

However, the pendulum will swing. The Caldari will hit the bottom, the Gallente will get bored and go wandering and do other stuff. Gallente activity will drop off, Caldari will gain a foothold and take the advantage. Suddenly the Caldari will be winning again, this will make the Gallente come back to fight. The see-saw of faction war will continue and as they say in BSG "This has all been before, it will be again" or something like that! Or more simply, we won this round, the Caldari won the last one, who will win the next round?

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